Do you have any retail stores?

No we currently do not have any retail stores.

What is a backordered item?

This is an item on your order for which we currently have no stock available, but are awaiting a delivery of further stock.

If I have a backordered item, do I have to pay postage again?

No, there is only one postal charge per order.

How do I find out if a product that is currently out of stock will be available in the future?

All of our products are unique and exclusively designed and manufactured for Cotswold Collections.

This does mean that stocks may be limited; but we will endeavour where demand is great to reorder items for our customers if it is possible to do so.

Please contact our customer services team who will try to assist you further if an item you desire is unavailable.

Call our customer service line on 1 844 395 6253 Monday to Saturday 4.00am to 12.30pm EST.

Alternatively, e-mail custserv@cotswoldcollections.com

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