VAT, Duty and Taxes

Will I be charged VAT?

On the UK website, VAT is included in the Sterling prices. On the US website, the Dollar prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

VAT will be charged in accordance to the prevailing VAT rates, regulations and guidance at the time of your order.

I live in the Channel Islands. Do I pay VAT?

Your order will be calculated at the published prices on our website, but VAT will be deducted at the checkout stage when the shipping address is defined.

Will I have to pay import duty or taxes for my country of residence?

Please note, for shipments to the United States we have an agreement with our courier to pay any import duties prior to delivery. If you are requested to pay import duties, please contact us. For all other countries local import duties may be payable on receipt of your order.

Do your prices shown on your website include VAT or not?

Dollar prices displayed on the US website are exclusive of VAT.

Sterling prices displayed on the UK website are inclusive of VAT.

When totalling your order the vat is included, but any adjustments for VAT will be made as applicable when the shipping location is defined.

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