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  1. Fabric Feature: Jacquard

    Fabric Feature: Jacquard

    This lovely on-trend fabric is available in all our collections throughout the year. Discover why you should add this versatile...
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  2. Sparkle in devoré and velour pieces

    Sparkle in devoré and velour pieces

    Now that the festive season has arrived, get ready to sparkle with style in our beautiful collection of stunning outfits...
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  3. Wool week: Layers

    Wool week: Layers

    In celebration of this year’s wool week, we wanted to honour one of our most timeless layering staples traditionally made...
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  4. This seasons’ must-have prints

    This seasons’ must-have prints

    From feminine florals to pretty polka dots, brighten up your wardrobe with this seasons’ must-have prints. Each piece has been...
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  5. Fabric feature: Cotton

    Fabric feature: Cotton

    At the beginning of the year, we explored the most popular trends for the upcoming months one of which being...
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  6. 11 facts about paisely

    11 facts about paisely

    The heritage of paisley not only goes back many hundreds of years but also many thousands of miles. Starting as...
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  7. The Art of Pleating

    The Art of Pleating

    As you look into your wardrobe, browse through an online catalogue or flip through items on a rail you may...
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  8. Fabric Feature: Tweed

    Fabric Feature: Tweed

    You would be hard pushed to find another fabric that has a more complex history than tweed. From its creation...
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  9. We have your Christmas styled

    We have your Christmas styled

    The festive season is fast approaching and with it comes the dilemma of Christmas party outfits. Wouldn’t it be simple...
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  10. Fabric Feature: Boiled Wool

    Fabric Feature: Boiled Wool

    There is much more to this refined fabric than meets the eye! Discover how boiled wool is made and why...
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