The festive season is fast approaching and with it comes the dilemma of Christmas party outfits. Wouldn’t it be simple if someone kindly provided you with an elegant, but striking wardrobe go-to? Look no further than our luxurious and festive Devoré pieces. Incorporating this seasons ‘must-have’ fabric we have created fabulous wardrobe editions that will help you effortlessly add glamour this Christmas.
The fabric is unique in its creation, as areas of the velvet are burnt away using acid to create a semi-transparent pattern. Read more about the intrinsic process and history of devoré here.
For an everyday splash of the on-trend fabric, take a look at our devoré scarf. Handmade in England, our floral patterned berry silk scarf is simply beautiful and will add rich colour to your winter outfits.

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Perfect for your festive occasions, our show-stopper eight-panel patterned devoré skirt is flattering and fully lined. We’re sure you’ll receive compliments galore in this Christmas essential, especially if matched with our stunning and superbly soft satin blouse.
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If you’re looking for bright, abstract patterns to warm up your winter wardrobe, then our devoré jersey skirt is an elegant addition. Its pull-on style and elastic waistband provide comfort, while its fully lined six-panels gracefully drape to accentuate a classic silhouette.
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Do you adore devoré? We’d love to hear which of our pieces are your favourites and if you’re already an enthusiast of the textured festive fabric.