You would be hard pushed to find another fabric that has a more complex history than tweed. From its creation in Scotland in the 18th century, tweed has been a major class definer, a fashion staple through political upheaval and a statement piece in the modernisation of gender equality.

Woven from pure wool, tweed is known for its insulating properties while also being weather resistant and hard-wearing. The cloth is usually woven in plain weave though there is a vast range including twill, herringbone and dogtooth, all of which produce varying flexibility, patterns and designs. Learn more about the process of making the fabric here.

Its name tells a curious story of its own. The more popular theory is that the generic term originated from a misunderstanding of the Scottish word ‘tweel’ - the signature weave of the fabric - in 1826, when a London clerk accidentally transcribed the wrong last letter. Although it is also believed that it is named after the river Tweed.

Here at Cotswold Collections we have incorporated some beautiful tweed pieces into this seasons range.
The hardest part will be choosing which to buy!

Our stunning double-breasted tailored jacket offers a classic look and rich colours. While our elegant brushed bouclé tweed jacket has more of a contemporary twist with its defined shaping and faux leather buttons.

Perhaps a subtle hint of tweed is more your style. If so take a look at our practical and chic wax trim hat. Or accessorise with our gorgeous handbag, made in the famous Harris Tweed fabric.

If you’re looking for a tweed wardrobe staple that you’re sure to wear time and time again, opt for our soft tailored tweed trousers that are fully lined to the knee and styled with diagonal hip pockets.

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