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    The Essential Edit

    Seasonless essentials, always available throughout the year

    Many of you will be aware of and will have seen our Essential Edit collection since it was launched earlier in the year. We have been including our little brochure in with order parcels for a while now.

    A good wardrobe foundation
    We know how nice it is to receive new inspiration and ideas throughout the seasons, but we also understand that to have a really good basic range of quality pieces is also important. These pieces form the foundation of any good wardrobe, allowing you to build around it with the more special, stand out garments that they complement.

    We have thought carefully about the styles, colours and type of essential pieces that will help you build your wardrobe, and have made sure that if you require different lengths that these are also catered for.

    To help you with your foundation wardrobe we have included the following in our essentials range. These are available in a range of superb neutral colours, carefully chosen to coordinate and complement each other and many other styles in our collections:

    Three lovely T-shirt styles for you to choose from. Both three-quarter sleeve styles are made in wonderfully, silky-soft Pima cotton, while our short sleeve style in pure cotton offers another alternative. Available in two lengths, they are the perfect layering piece, worn under our merino cardigan or tunic-style over trousers for a casual, relaxed look. Please see our essentials page here for all colour options.

    Our softly tailored trousers are lined to the knee and have diagonal hip pockets. They are front fastening and have side back waistband elastication. In three versatile colours, mocha and grey shown above and ever-popular navy.

    In a flattering six-panel style giving it a gently flared shape, this skirt comes in three lengths and three colours; navy and mocha shown above, and versatile grey. It has an elasticated waistband and side zip fastening.

    Both the turtleneck and cardigan are made in pure Italian-spun extra-fine merino wool. They can both be machine washed on a cool cycle. Available in blue, grey and pebble mélange. Wear together for extra warmth or as useful separates with trousers or a skirt. The scarf is available as the perfect complementing accessory.

    All Easycare Items
    All the items in our Essentials edit are designed to be easycare, being machine washable and made in quality fabrics that will ensure these useful pieces will remain reliable go-to's time and time again.

    We are keen to keep developing our essentials range and would welcome any ideas and suggestions that you may have that we could consider in the future.
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    Beautiful Austrian Cotton Jersey

    In response to a customer request, this is a short piece about our ever-popular Austrian cotton jersey pieces that are frequently found in our various collections. Also, some interesting facts about the company that supply these beautiful printed fabrics.

    The Austrian Textile Industry
    In Austria, there are more than 280 textile companies with around 12,000 employees. The high export rate of 80% indicates that Austrian textiles have a really good reputation worldwide with the main sales market in Europe. The domestic textile fashion landscape is characterised by micro-companies with the designers serving different niches. Austrian fashion is characterised by an artistic orientation and high-quality craftsmanship and material.

    Strong Ethics
    In Austria there is a strong responsibility towards the environment, particularly with regard to the production of textiles taking into account the following:

    - the use of organic cotton
    - FAIRTRADE and GOTS certification
    - a transparent and verifiable production chain
    - maximum social justice in production
    - maximum possible environmental compatibility
    - maximum possible quality for wearers

    Amazing Architecture. The current company we source our lovely Austrian jersey fabrics from was founded in the early 1960’s because of the water in Muntlix, in Austria. It has the most amazing factory building in terms of architecture, being designed by the famous architect and artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928 - 2000) and in their words; “with his soft spot for painting, colours, onion domes, architecture and environmental protection “.

    This is an example of some of the amazing architecture designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, pictured here.

    Creativity and Design
    This creative ethos clearly runs through everything the company does, providing inspiration and new ideas, while never forgetting the original manufacturing traditions behind their products for producing and maintaining the highest quality, now using modern techniques and also protecting the environment along the way. They are passionate about it. At Cotswold Collections, we are pleased to be supplying our customers with stunning examples of these beautiful designs in our collections.

    These are the latest Austrian cotton jersey garments in our summer collection:

    Made in beautiful Austrian printed interlock in pure cotton, our stunning skirt has six panels and is in a pull-on style with an elasticated waistband. it is fully lined. team with our scoopneck T-shirt for an elegant summer outfit.

    This charming printed top matches our flattering skirt and pairs beautifully with the aubergine trousers for a casual and relaxed look. There is also a printed scarf to complement your outfit.

    We are pleased to say that we have more garments from our Austrian supplier in our next collection, available from mid-June... so look out for these and grab them while you can!

    We hope you find this interesting and please share any of your thoughts, ideas and inspiration with us. We'd love to hear from you.

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    Blue, the Colour of Now

    When PANTONE® selected their Colour of the Year for 2020 at the end of 2019, little did anyone know that it was going to turn out to be the perfect colour to choose for such an unsettling and challenging year for us all.

    Every year since 2000, the PANTONE® Colour Institute has selected a colour that they believe is representative of contemporary society and Classic Blue was chosen for this year as a reassuring shade with comforting, soothing and protective qualities. It is no accident that blue was chosen to represent our NHS, something we've seen on buildings lit-up across our country in gratitude for their brave work.

    Much has been written on the meanings and effect of colours and here are some relating to the colour blue for you to ponder:

    As the colour of the sky and sea, it is often associated with depth and stability, symbolizing trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and truth. Considered to be beneficial to the mind and body, it slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Blue is strongly associated with tranquillity, calmness and peace.

    Interestingly, different shades of this ever-popular and versatile colour are supposed to represent different meanings with Light blue being associated with health, healing, tranquillity, understanding, and softness and Dark blue representing knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness.

    Throughout our summer collection we have many shades of this reassuring and often favourite colour for you to choose from in many different styles:

    Blue is often mixed with white or cream to create smart and refreshing ensembles for the summer season. Our crewneck T-shirt, part of our essentials range and available across the year, is teamed with our white casual trousers, summer coat and woven hat. The stunning scarf is also available. For a more feminine, elegant look, pair our textured cotton striped top with the ivory pleated skirt. Our Italian leather handbag completes the look.

    Our lovely pure cotton A-line skirt has beautiful shades of lavender and blue and teams up with our combed cotton Pointelle knit jumper perfectly. For warmer days wear with a white T-shirt and complete your outfit with the contemporary bead necklace.

    Forming part of our Limited Edition Luxury range, these soft, cool and breathable pure linen jersey pieces can be machine washed on a cool setting. Choose from the linen jersey cardigan, skirt, plain or striped top or treat yourself to a whole outfit and be stunning in blue!

    Our Tape yarn cardigan in navy blue offers the perfect solution for layering when it's a bit cooler. It teams up with our leaf printed trousers and oyster Pima scoopneck, creating a striking and relaxed look.

    Do you have any favourite blue items in your wardrobe? Do let us know as we'd love to hear from you.

    Seasonal Sale | Up to 70% Off

    Shop our Seasonal Sale with savings of up to 70% off.

    Remember to take a look at our exclusive online selection, as well as our clearance section with items from as little as £10.

     Treat yourself and refresh your wardrobe with these amazing offers!

    Please be aware that stock is limited across all our sale items and that we may not have a full range of sizes in each garment.

    Shop by your size in our sale category: for an easier way to shop our sale simply select your size from the bar above the sale items (for example in a size 16 and size L). This will then show only the items with your size in stock.

    Please note: when ordering online, anything left in your basket for a long period of time is at risk of being lost due to high demand during sale day. Avoid disappointment and process your order all the way through as quickly as possible.


    Fabric Feature - The Amazing Qualities of Cotton


    In our journal piece about cotton last year, we talked about the sustainability of it as a fabric and also, as a whole plant with very little going to waste throughout the entire cultivation and production process. Something that is very important with today’s concerns about our environment.

    We now want to talk about the qualities of the fabric and what makes it so good to wear throughout all seasons in the year, making it a great investment for your wardrobe. Also, the characteristics of different cotton fabrics, how to care for it and here’s a little about its history, which goes back a long, long way!

    If ever a natural product used for fabric and clothing has stood the test of time, it has to be cotton. Going back to ancient times, the first evidence of cotton use was found in India and Pakistan, and dates from about 6,000 B.C. It is believed to have been introduced to Northern Europe in late medieval time.

    All about the fabric. Why is it so special and good to wear?

    Moisture Control: There are several interesting qualities to cotton fabric. Firstly, it’s breathable and has an amazing ability to control moisture. It transmits moisture away from the body, absorbing and removing liquid from the skin (think about towels). The International Forum for Cotton Promotion states that cotton can take up to one-fifth of its weight in water before feeling damp. This is one reason it’s so comfortable to wear.

    Insulation: Another quality, is its ability to insulate. Cotton clothing protects us from heat in the summer and cold in the winter by providing thermal insulation as the cotton fabric traps air between the fabric fibres. The cotton fibres in clothing hold the fabric away from the skin, further allowing for more air to be trapped between the skin and fabric which helps with insulation and comfort.

    Hypoallergenic. Pure cotton fabric rarely causes allergic reactions and wearing cotton is often recommended for those with skin allergies and conditions such as eczema. (Note. Some people are allergic to chemicals used in the production process, so take care as a reaction is still possible.)

    Durability: Cotton has a high tensile strength, making it strong, durable and less likely to rip or tear. It is 30 percent stronger when wet, withstanding many washings.

    Types of cotton fabric available in our latest collection:

    Broderie Anglaise
    This cotton fabric with beautiful eyelet detail all over is used in our 100% cotton cream cutwork blouse. Cool and airy with long sleeves, buttoned cuffs and lined in the front and back panels it is a versatile summer piece.

    A lightweight cotton fabric woven with two coloured yarns. Our superior quality chambray pieces have a hint of added stretch for shape retention. Both light and easy-going, the jacket and trousers are unlined for cool summer comfort.

    Cotton voile
    A lightweight and slightly sheer fabric with perfect drape, used for our charming floral print blouse in 100% cotton. It has pretty pintucks at the sides and the long sleeves can be rolled up and secured with a tab fastening. With a gently curved hem and side slits, it can be worn loose or tucked in.

    Combed cotton
    When cotton is “combed,” the shortest, additional fibres of a batch are removed, producing high-quality yarns with excellent strength and softness, as seen here in our 100% cotton, delicately detailed pointelle knit jumper.

    Cotton Jersey
    A knit fabric that is made of soft and breathable cotton fibres, with extra “give “or stretch for comfort. It is a light to medium weight fabric, very popular for making dresses and tops such as our plain jersey fit-and-flare dress and our printed jersey top in lovely mauve shades in pure cotton.

    Linen cotton mix
    The blend of linen and cotton fibres makes a fabric which has all the look and feel of linen with less of its propensity to wrinkle. See our fresh and contemporary coral multi floral blouse in this airy, comfortable fabric blend.

    Pima cotton
    One of the best grades of cotton in the world with long, luxurious fibres, that resist pilling. Our 100% Pima cotton T-shirts are available in three quarter and short sleeve styles in neutral oyster or snowdrop, or vibrant raspberry.

    A woven, light-to medium-weight fabric with a puckered appearance. It is commonly striped or chequered. Our delicately checked blouse is made in Italy in a cotton and viscose blend. It has short sleeves and a shirt collar.

    Caring for your cotton garments:

    Washing. To be safe you should always refer to the care label for your cotton item before washing. We suggest washing our cotton and cotton blend garments in a cool machine wash. You can give garments a gentle stretch when they come out of the wash to get them back into shape. Always air dry: dry clothes flat and out of the sun if possible.

    Try to avoid too much ironing: Refer to the garment care label to know what iron temperature setting is safe. It is best to iron cotton items while they are still slightly damp or alternatively use the steam setting on your iron.

    Make sure the items are dry/aired before folding and putting away.

    Have you any favourite Cotswold Collections cotton pieces? We’d love to hear your feedback!

    Please comment below:

    Buyers' favourites from our Summer 2020 Collection

    If you're unsure of which items to add to your wardrobe from our Summer 2020 collection, our buyers have shared their favourites to help you decide... 

    "My favourite garments for the summer season are based on our take on the trend of stripes! Every year we see a version of a Breton top, in almost all fashion retailers’ collections and this year is no exception, but stripes aren’t always easy to wear.

    We have a general rule for stripes, which is the broader they are the more they can appear to widen your shape and draw the eye outwards. Our garments are carefully designed to ensure the most flattering effect and my favourite pieces in our collection are those that embrace this on-going trend whilst showcasing a narrower stripe, drawing the eye upward and elongating the body, giving a slimming effect. 

    We have some great examples, such as our stripe jersey top and stripe top with zip neck, both of which showcase the traditional Brenton style in navy and cream with a flattering narrow stripe."

    "Relaxed on-trend dressing at its best. Our leaf printed trousers showcase a tropical print inspired by faraway lands. I particularly enjoy how the colour palette of natural and blue tones allows you to easily pair these with many complementing colour options. Superbly soft and lightweight, they’re perfect for wearing at home."

    "Created in 100% natural fibres, our linen selection is a new look for Cotswold Collections, and one of my favourites! These stylish pieces can either be worn together, with a choice of plain or patterned linen tops pairing with our contemporary pure linen skirt, or they can be combined with staples in your current wardrobe too. With many combinations to mix and match, the elegant long-sleeved linen cardigan is perfect to add the finishing touch for those cooler evenings."

    "Working closely with our Italian supplier we came up with these beautiful knit stitches which work wonderfully in tape yarn.

    The cardigan is an ideal covering piece, and as it showcases a beautiful navy-blue colour it’s also very versatile for your wardrobe. I love its ¾ sleeves as it is such a chic look to wear this length during the warmer months and looks much more stylish than pushing your sleeves up!

    The dark spice tape yarn jumper has a lovely lace effect stitch on the yoke, sleeves and hem panel, and the neckline is super flattering and modest enough to cover any bra or vest straps! With side slits this jumper is a great for either a casual or smart look for your summer wardrobe in a great on-trend colour."

    "I loved this scarf as soon as I saw it. The light floaty chiffon has a wonderful soft drape and the print design is just beautiful, full of bold, exotic summer colours. The combination of these luscious colours with its neutral background allows it to be worn as a highlighting feature with many outfits to freshen up your look for the summer."

    Which is your favourite piece from our Summer collection? Let us know in the comments below...

    Colourful Summer prints

    The summer season lends itself to wanting to wear cheerful, bright and pretty colours after the richer, darker hues of winter and the more delicate tones of spring. Our vibrant new collection has plenty to offer to enhance your wardrobe, with many lovely prints in different textures, shapes and options. Combine printed separates for complete ensembles or match with complementary plains for a more relaxed, contemporary look.

    Here are some options for you to choose from:

    See in the summer in style with our stunning chiffon skirt and coordinating scarf. In a superb floral design, printed in Italy, the skirt has eight panels allowing it to flare prettily at the hem. It is fully lined with an elasticated waistband and can be machine washed on a cool setting. Team with the matching Pima cotton scoopneck in raspberry, or with the oyster three quarter sleeve top for added contrast. The chiffon scarf will complete your outfit perfectly.

    In cool blue hues, this easy-wear blouse features a geometric abstract print and is made in a gloriously soft and light viscose fabric. It features three-quarter sleeves with rolled cuffs held by tab and ring fastenings. Wear tucked in with our chambray trousers or styled over the white crewneck T-shirt if you need an extra layer.

    A real statement piece offering a relaxed cover-up option for cooler days. With a beautiful ‘Painter’s Meadow’ flower print from Liberty of London, this jersey jacket is in a button-front style with a shirt collar, patch pockets and has gentle shaping. Each jacket is unique due to the distribution of the pattern. It will enhance many outfits and is equally stunning worn with our navy or white separates. Choose your look to suit your style.

    We feature this attractive watercolour floral print in two versatile pieces. In pure cotton interlock jersey, these easy-wear styles are perfect for the summer season. The six-panel skirt has a fully elasticated waistband and gently flares at the hem. You can team this with our jersey T-shirts, with three complementing colours to choose from. Alternatively, our fabulous fit-and-flare dress is the perfect summer go-to, featuring a buttoned front placket, crew neckline, princess seams and flattering three-quarter sleeves.

    In pure cotton Austrian interlock jersey, these charming styles create an understated, relaxed elegance in gentle shades of lavender. The short-sleeved top is finished with a bound neckline and deep hem with side slits. Team with our fully lined, six-panel skirt in a pull-on style with an elasticated waistband for a complete look, or mix-and-match both pieces with coordinating plains for many different looks. Our matching scarf and contemporary bead necklace add the perfect finishing touches.

    Do you have a favourite style print? From the more dramatic abstract designs to feminine florals, we’d love to hear your thoughts and preferences. Please comment below:

    The April Garden

    We see the first stirrings of new life in our gardens, parks and countryside in the spring months of February and March with sweet little snowdrops, vibrant crocuses and then the cheerful daffodils celebrating St David’s day. But it isn’t until April, after the clocks have changed and we really feel the first warming rays of the sun, that everything bursts forth with amazing vigour, transforming our surroundings and encouraging us outside to enjoy the spectacle unfolding.

    This year, more than any other, those of us lucky enough to have a garden of any size, ranging from beautiful grounds to a pretty little window box, should make the most of the pleasure it can bring, while reaping the benefits of the healthy fresh air at the same time.

    Of course, like all gardeners, at any level of enthusiasm and ability will know, there will also be lots of things to do at this lovely time of year, so let’s just explore a few of them:

    General tidy up after the winter frosts and storms - including the shed!

    Our flowers beds can look a bit bedraggled and worse for wear after the ravages of winter. Now is a great time to don the wellies and the gardening gloves, dust off the secateurs, and the rest of the gardening tools, and start fixing this. Bushes and shrubs can be gently pruned into shape, roses fed, tender perennials cut back, beds can be weeded, dug and hoed and garden ponds can be cleared of leaves and general debris. If you enjoy having plants in pots, these too can be trimmed in to shape, with some having a good first feed to encourage strong and vigorous growth and those overwintering inside, being put out. Just take care to protect from any potential frosts, a common feature in the month of April.

    Get sowing those seeds!

    April is the month for sowing many different types of seeds. These include the stunning hardy annuals that will grace your garden borders later in the year, lots for the vegetable patch, such as broad beans, peas, spring onions, parsnips, carrots; this list goes on and on, and don’t forget the herbs for the kitchen garden. Time to get sowing!

    Start a wildflower area

    These days, it is important to support and encourage all the wildlife you possibly can, in whatever space you have available to you. This can range from a corner of your garden to a window box or garden pot. There are many plants and flowers that attract insects such as bees, moths and butterflies, include cornflowers, buttercups, corn poppies, marigolds and camomile to name just a few. It is easy to find wildflower seed mixes available to buy or order online, or you could just select your favourites to sow. The advantage of these is that you can just scatter the seeds wherever you want them to grow, without the hard work of too much ground preparation first. Just remember to water if the weather is dry and then sit back and enjoy the beauty of the flowers and the wildlife they attract.  

    The Lawn

    Nothing evokes the feeling of summer like the sound of lawnmowers and the smell of freshly cut grass! It’s time to give your lawnmower some TLC and give that lawn its first cut; albeit some of us in milder regions will have already done this - and don’t cut it too short at this stage. It is important to give your lawn a good spring feed, deal with any bare patches and if you’re really into lawns, now is the time for scarifying and aerating.

    The greenhouse

    If you’re lucky enough to have a greenhouse, April is a busy month with it all happening in here too! There are lots of jobs to do while enjoying the warmth of the sun inside when it can still be a bit chilly outside.

    Hopefully, you will have lots of seedlings growing that will need thinning out, with tomato plants now needing to be transplanted into grow bags or large containers. You can now start to plant up beautiful hanging baskets and pots with summer bedding, but keep these indoors until after the last frost. Maintenance tasks include; cleaning the glazing to let that lovely sunshine in and remember to open greenhouse doors and vents on warm days to improve air circulation.

    For all of us that enjoy our gardens, let’s get some fresh air and start the foundations of what will become a glorious, colourful and scented haven in the trying weeks to come, and where we can eventually hope to share time with our family and friends again and enjoy our lovely summer.

    If you enjoy your garden and would like to pass on any handy tips and ideas, we'd love to hear from you, so please feel free to comment.

    Happy Gardening!

    Look forward to Summer 2020 with our new collection

    Cheer yourself up in these uncertain times and bring the relaxed carefree feel of summer into your wardrobe with this confident, uplifting collection full of colour and vibrancy. Give your style a complete refresh with these easy and comfortable summer looks in plains and captivating prints. Feminine, smart or casual? Discover wonderful dresses, pleated skirts with fluid movement, and many comfortable and versatile layering options for relaxing at home. Look forward to the warmer season with this inspiring and stylish new collection.

    Start building your summer outfits with our striking new garden flowers inspired Liberty of London print jacket in gorgeous colours, perfect for cooler days. This jersey jacket works wonderfully when paired with our white crewneck T-shirt or navy V-neck T-shirt and our beautiful white or navy trousers. 

    Refresh your wardrobe with our gorgeous light and breathable layers, including our bright and contemporary floral blouse paired with our comfortable textured trousers in easy-care fabric. Our wonderful abstract print blouse also makes a soft and light layer when paired with our comfortable and relaxed trousers.

    Discover our elegant and contemporary dresses in both florals and plains. These include a vivid coloured abstract print dress which is flattering and easy-to-wear, an exotic Italian printed crêpe dress with gentle body shaping and our relaxed fit and flare pull-on jersey dress for a comfortable look.

    Whether you're looking for an everyday wardrobe essential or the perfect piece to complete your outfit; our collection of floral summer skirts is perfect for the season, including our carefree pull-on printed skirt, soft and drapey Italian printed jersey skirt and our chiffon skirt with a superb floral design.

    Complete your outfits with our stunning new accessories, such as our lovely Italian woven hat and scarf printed with a dramatic batik-style floral design in soft shades of blue.

    Discover more of our wide array of easy-wear, figure flattering arrivals that you’ll want to wear time and time again. Take a look at the full collection and find that must-have item | Click here to view the new arrivals >>    

    Watch our Summer video for some wonderful outfit inspiration.

    Become the face of Cotswold Collections! Have you been snapped wearing our clothes or accessories? For your chance to be featured on our social media platforms please send your photos to

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    Spring Sale | Up to 60% Off

    Shop our Spring Sale with savings of up to 60% off.

    Remember to take a look at our exclusive online selection, as well as our clearance section with items from as little as £20.

     Treat yourself and refresh your wardrobe with these amazing offers!

     Please be aware that stock is limited across all our sale items and that we may not have a full range of sizes in each garment.

    Shop by your size in our sale category: for an easier way to shop our sale simply select your size from the bar above the sale items (for example in a size 16 and size L). This will then show only the items with your size in stock.

    Please note: when ordering online, anything left in your basket for a long period of time is at risk of being lost due to high demand during sale day. Avoid disappointment and process your order all the way through as quickly as possible.


    Waffle Day

    International Waffle Day falls in the middle of this week, Wednesday the 25th, which is a lovely tradition that began in Sweden as a result of confusion with the words Vårfrudagen (Our Lady’s Day) and Våffledagen (Waffle Day). This day traditionally marks the beginning of spring and is celebrated by eating waffles. It also follows the same day as the Feast of Annunciation; a holiday that celebrates Jesus' conception, this takes place nine months before Christmas.

    The best way to celebrate Waffle Day is enjoying a nice plate of them, with these delicious and inspiring toppings. The scrumptious waffles can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner, snack or dessert.

    Go savoury for lunch or dinner with waffles topped with fried chicken or ham and cheese with any sauce of your choice.

    Enjoy a waffle coated in chocolate, almonds with fresh cherries and blueberries.

    Try the classic waffles with butter and maple syrup with a strip of bacon for a twist.

    These strawberry waffles smothered in chocolate sauce then topped with fresh strawberries, are an easy breakfast option!

    We'd love to hear what you'll be topping the waffles with! Let us know in the comments...

    What to wear: Mother's Day

    With Mother’s Day approaching soon, we have collected some lovely, hassle-free and comfortable pieces to suit all activities! Whether your day is about being treated to a delicious meal with the family or enjoying a spa day, let us inspire you with our favourite outfit ideas to help you feel stylish for the special occasion. 

    Spring walks 

    If you’re going for a country walk with family to explore the great outdoors, stay warm and protected in our classic coat with shower resistant and windproof qualities. This coat works wonderfully when paired with our jersey top, made for us in Portugal and our gorgeous classic trousers. Add the finishing touch to this look, with our newly designed and versatile crêpe-de-chine scarf.

    Spa day

    Being treated to a spa day calls for pure comfort, opt for our superbly soft jersey jacket paired with our chic striped top and matching trousers for a comfortable relaxed look, that is easy to wear. 

    Family meal 

    If you're spending Mother's Day at home with family, ensure you look stylish and feel comfortable in our knitted textured jacket, inspired by classic French design. Simply style with a pair of plain trousers and jersey top for a classic and chic look. 

    Afternoon tea

    If you’re heading out to a family brunch or afternoon tea, our fresh cotton floral print blouse in a gorgeous spring colour makes a perfect choice for the occasion. Pair with our classic lilac trousers, and wear your blouse tucked in or loose for more a causal look. 

    Evening dinner

    If you’re being treated to a dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day, make a statement in our elegant ensemble that offers luxurious comfort. Featuring an elegant botanical pattern and contrasting tones, our soft pleat skirt can be paired together with our Italian knit top and silk scarf for a perfect evening outfit.

    Day out

    Whether you’re going shopping or on a family day out, this chic and causal look will suit any plans. Our gorgeous floral jacquard cardigan paired with our knitted skirt and textured top will make a perfect outfit for the day. 

    What are your plans this Mother's Day? Which outfit will you be planning on wearing? Let us know in the comments...

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