With the cooler months fast approaching, we're ever closer to digging out our woollen knitwear from the depths of our chest of drawers (if you aren't already wearing it).
Wool is a great fabric, as it is biodegradable, renewable, breathable and insulating. No wonder it's so popular and as more of our wardrobe starts to consist of wool and it piles up in the laundry basket, how best to care for it?
We've sought advice from Woolmark for the best tips on how to care for your woollen garments.
Here are a few pointers for care:

  • Let's start with the basics: knitwear should be folded; never hang knitwear as it will lose its shape.
  • You should rest your wool garments for 24 hours before wearing again. This allows the fibres time to recover and return to their original shape.
  • You should always dry wool at room temperature, away from heat sources and direct sunlight.
  • Whilst most woollen garments shouldn't require ironing, some finer knits may need it. Always use steam when pressing a woollen garment and take care not to iron the fabric when it is completely dry as this may damage the fibres.
  • When storing your garments, make sure they are clean, as food stains and body oils attract moths. Ideally, they should be stored in an airtight container or bag.
  • Turn garments inside-out before washing - prolongs the longevity of the 'new' appearance.

Always follow the care label on your garment and wash accordingly.

If you happen to spill something on your jumper, we have the answer!

Woolmark's recommendations for effective stain removal are outlined below:
N.B. Always make sure stains are completely removed before ironing as this can 'set' them, making a stain permanent. Remember to use a lint-free cloth.


Dab gently around the edge of the stain with a cloth soaked in white spirit. Then mix alcohol and white vinegar in equal parts and lightly dab the affected area with this solution. For black coffee, do not apply the white spirit.

Alcoholic drinks:

Dab gently with an absorbent cloth to remove excess liquid. Sponge the affected area sparingly with a mixture of equal parts warm water and surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol.

Red wine/Fruit juice:

Dab the affected area with a mixture of surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol and water (3:1 ratio)


Rub gently with a cloth soaked in turpentine or a spot cleaning spray. Rinse with mild soapy water.

Grease stains:

Soak a cloth in white spirit and gently dab the area


Remove excess blood with a damp sponge, then gently dab the area using undiluted white vinegar followed by cold water.


Dab with a cloth soaked in white spirit. Repeat with a cloth soaked in diluted white vinegar or surgical spirit.


Apply soap and dab gently with a cloth soaked in surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol.

Hopefully, our guide will prolong the life of your knitwear!
Do you have any tips for garment care? Share them with us by leaving a comment using the box below.
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