What is it and how do you wear it? We cover all you need to know about this luxurious fabric.

What it is:
bouclé (pronounced 'boo-clay') is the term for both a type of yarn and the fabric made from the yarn. It is a French word meaning curly, which refers to the loops in the fabric.

How it's made:
bouclé yarn typically comprises of three plies. Bouclé fabric is made by combining at least two strands of the yarn, with the tension on one strand being much looser than the other as it is being plied, so that the loose strand forms the loops, whilst the other acts as an anchor. It can be made using different coloured threads and types of fibres in the same yarn to create interesting and unique bouclé fabrics.

Garment care:
remember that bouclé garments are liable to snag, therefore, take extra care when wearing with jewellery and when storing. We would recommend that all of our bouclé garments be dry cleaned to ensure your garments remain in the outstanding quality in which you received them.

Where it all began:
Chanel sparked the fashion world's love affair with the bouclé jacket in the 1950s; its new shape allowed freedom of movement, whilst the unusual fabric added an interesting texture to the garment. Since then the bouclé jacket has remained a fashion staple, as its versatility ensures the creation of unique silhouettes.

Now you've read about it, see what all the fuss is about by viewing our gorgeous range of bouclé jackets & coats:

The classic one:

This timeless piece features gentle body-shaping, a round neckline and welt pockets, all made in a sumptuous Italian bouclé tweed. Complete your look with a skirt and blouse or for a more contemporary feel, pair with a jersey top and jeans.

The standout one:
This jacket features two luxurious textures: it's a boiled wool-blend jacket with a bouclé textured finish. Fully lined, tailored and with tonal topstitching this gorgeously green jacket can be paired with a light chiffon skirt for contrasting texture to carry off this impressive piece.

The contemporary one:
We could list off all the wonderful things about this limited edition coat and we are going to: British-made, luxuriously soft, double-breasted, relaxed cut and neutral colour so you can wear it again and again with anything. There, done!

The perfect all-rounder:
If you read our 'Buyers' Favourites' article then you will remember this is our Managing Director's favourite and we've decided to let her do the talking for us again as she says it best: "It is made in a lovely textured, light but warm Italian bouclé that has been expertly tailored in London. I like its easy, relaxed fit and ‘throw-on’ appeal, with 1950’s inspired details such as the drop shoulder, generous sleeve, turn-back cuffs and round collar. It is in soft, almost spruce green, colours mixed with charcoal which makes it a versatile piece and a top layer for many pieces in my existing wardrobe. It will enhance greys, lift blacks and look great with navy.”

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