We source our beautiful Italian necklaces from two separate family-run businesses based in Venice and Florence.
Earring archive
They are third and second-generation sibling teams whom we have worked with for over a decade, who also work with some of the top European designers. They have fabulous archives that contain over a century of jewellery fashion. Pictured are some of the earrings from their 1980s archive.
Tray of beads
Their archives of necklaces feature a wonderful array of shapes and colours!
Hands on
Our buyer, Michelle, works closely with our artisan jewellers to select the colours and shapes that will work best with our forthcoming collections.
Purple beads
She hand-picks the beads to match the fabric swatches for each garment in our collection.
Our artisan jeweller then hand-strings the beads to assemble the beautiful necklaces.
The care and attention to detail that goes into our necklaces ensures you have a high quality piece that you'll want to wear for seasons to come.
Colour coordinating
The finished pieces displayed with our fabric swatches, designed especially to complement your ensembles.
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