Stunning Venetian glass, crystal and pearl necklaces, clip earrings and glass bead brooches to adorn your outfits.

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  • Magnetic crystal bead necklace GS990 QUICK LOOK
  • outfit GS972 QUICK LOOK
  • Enamel floral scarf ring GS988 QUICK LOOK
  • Venetian glass bead and crystal bracelet GS977 QUICK LOOK
  • Venetian glass and Swarovski bead earrings GS974 QUICK LOOK
  • Italian clip earrings GS978 QUICK LOOK
  • Venetian glass and Swarovski bead necklace GS976 QUICK LOOK
  • Leaf bookmark GS949 QUICK LOOK
  • Magnetic floral necklace GS968 QUICK LOOK
  • Italian bead necklace GS962 QUICK LOOK
  • Damask jewellery roll GS955 QUICK LOOK
  • Magnetic floral watch GS970 QUICK LOOK
  • Crystal clip earrings GS963 QUICK LOOK
  • Swarovski crystal bead necklace GS961 QUICK LOOK
  • Venetian bead necklace GS916 QUICK LOOK
  • Jade and silver-plated longline necklace GS904 QUICK LOOK
37 Items Sort by:
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