Every now and then an outfit needs an extra something special to feel complete, whether it’s a stunning handbag or elegant necklace. Our Late Summer Issue 2023 features a selection of timeless accessories to enhance, uplift and finish each of your looks throughout the upcoming season, ensuring you’re dressed elegantly for each day and occasion.


Classic Belts

a pair of classic leather belts for Cotswold Collections


Our classic belts are crafted with the finest real leather to not only ensure quality for your wardrobe, but to beautifully assist in accentuating your waist in a complementary fashion. Our smart navy and silver Leather Belt will team with a wide array of outfits for both the everyday and formal occasions. Alternatively, our tan and gold Plaited Leather Belt offers a warmer tone to your wardrobe in a classic summery style.

a tanned plaited leather classic belt and a navy blue and silver timeless leather belt

Timeless Bags

a navy blue Italian leather handbag with shoulder strap and a faux suede classic tote bag


It is no surprise that a handbag can offer a great deal of practicality, and our designers have carefully sourced a unique collection to provide you with a new accessory staple. Whether it’s our smaller Italian Leather Bag to keep your essentials safe when out and about, or our larger Faux Suede Tote for a quick shopping trip, our latest pieces are a stunning finishing item, completing each of your looks with style and sophistication.


Italian Jewellery

an array of elegant and classic Italian jewellery made with metal and Venetian glass beads.


No matter the outfits you have planned ahead, our late summer jewellery embraces all the wonderful talents and styles that our Italian suppliers have to offer. Our gold, comfortable Clip Earrings are designed to guarantee a versatile yet intricate design to last year after year, along with our silver Italian Clip Earrings that are truly stunning. Bring pops of colour into your wardrobe by styling our uplifting Venetian Glass Necklaces, that beautifully capture the light of the late summer sun and bring an essence of luxury to your outfits.

a display of green and yellow Venetian glass necklaces and a pair of both gold and silver Italian clip earrings.



Printed Scarves

patterned and printed scarves worn around the neck and waist


If you’re looking to inject a subtle hint of excitement into your looks, our most recent scarves are manufactured in either chiffon or silk to welcome timeless elegance into your wardrobe. These specific fabrics and fibres are delicate, high-quality and printed with bespoke designs to enhance even the most casual looks. Tie around your waist, neck, head or even around a handbag to allow these patterns to bring uniqueness and originality to your late summer style.

floral printed and colourful scarves in both silk and chiffon cloth.


Italian Straw Hat

a chic and timeless Italian straw summer hat


Made for Cotswold Collections in the heart of Italy; late summer style is defined by the work and craftsmanship of this detailed decorative weave hat. With a chic Petersham ribbon, this intricate design is tailor made for your late summer spent in the sunshine. We have selected this piece to ensure that each time worn, your outfits will be effortlessly enhanced by exceptional, chic Italian style and shade you from the sun on hot Late Summer days.


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