Meet our fabulous copywriter, Annie! She kindly agreed to feature in our style edit and so we excitedly headed to her gorgeous period Cheltenham home for a photo shoot.
Annie has worked in fashion throughout her life, starting with her degree in fashion, she then became a lecturer and went on to own her own clothes shop in Montpellier, Cheltenham. She started with Cotswold Collections in our Product Development department, working as a buyer, garment technologist and then as our copywriter. Her knowledge and passion for the products shine through in her informative and beautifully written copy.
Main image blouse
We wanted to find out the secrets to Annie's amazing figure, so when she told us of her healthy and delicious sounding breakfast ("tomatoes cooked in olive oil with a few herbs every morning"), we asked her what she liked to drink:
"Wine (not for breakfast!)... and water."
Close ups of styling
Annie, who is in her 70s, is our in-house style icon; we've always admired her style - effortlessly pairing classics with more contemporary pieces, and this outfit is no exception: She is wearing our Chiffon Blouse, sleeves rolled up, with some blush pink jeans and matching trainers for a relaxed ensemble.
Main image blouse with white t shirt
We asked her where her favourite place in the Cotswolds was:
"I like it all, really."
After some deliberation, she mentioned a walk between Bibury and Coln St. Aldwin:
"You go past this beautiful church, walking by the river. One day I happened upon a wedding party; we had stopped to eat a picnic by the river bank and saw all the guests arriving; it made for fabulous people-watching."
Close ups of styling white trousers
Wearing the Chiffon Blouse as an overshirt, Annie has teamed it with a simple white T-shirt and white skinny jeans, featuring zip detailing and some comfy wedges for an elevated look. This accentuates her slim legs and flows over her top half.
Main image paisley paprika blouse
We asked her what her copywriting process was:
"Firstly, I see the clothes on the model so I can judge how they move and hang, as well as any special features. I then spend a long time looking at the qualities of our beautiful fabrics and finally I write the copy. I always bear in mind which other items are on the spread so I can tell a whole story."
And what her favourite thing to write about was:
"Crêpe. I love the way it hangs. It's such a beautiful fabric."
Close ups of styling orange
Embracing the overshirt style, Annie dons the Paisley Print Blouse with the orange Scoopneck Top and black jeans for striking contrasts. Finished with the Chunky Bead Necklace and some pretty sandals, this outfit really embodies the spirit of summer and highlights her gorgeous hair.
Main image cardigan
We asked her what she did when she was not copywriting:
"I enjoy classical ballet classes, walking and life drawing."
She also recently attended a drawing class at Central St. Martins, the prestigious fashion school, where she did up to 40 drawings a day.
Close ups of styling black cardigan
This chic outfit makes the most of the classic monochrome hues. Annie wears our Cotton Cardigan with the Pima Crewneck Top and black jeans, which are turned up at the cuff to highlight the strap detailing on the sandals. The cardigan looks great either loose or with just the top button fastened for a flowing silhouette. Annie also styled this outfit with white jeans and our Summer Hat to add a pop of colour.
What is your favourite Cotswold Collections piece?
"My real favourite are some natural freshwater pearls."
A classic and elegant necklace - just what we'd expect from this wonderfully stylish lady.

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