“In the lexicon of fashion accessories, scarves possess the unique ability to endure passing trends and define individual style.”
Nothing quite completes an outfit like a scarf. In this guide, we fill you in on our latest range of scarves and provide you with some great inspiration on how to wear them.
These beautiful Italian scarves are perfect for autumn, as they provide that extra layer of warmth for when the weather turns. Our Floral Wool-blend Scarf is great for wearing under jackets and we would recommend tying it in 'The Dorchester' style (see below). Looking for a lighter, cooler style? Wear our Silk Paisley Scarf in the same fashion for a more seasonal look.
Too hot for a scarf? Tie it to your favourite handbag or tote for an on-trend look. Not only will you look stylish but you can quickly access it, should a breeze spring up or you step into a chilly air-conditioned store. For a bright and breezy look, shop our Cobalt Blue Neckerchief, or for a more classic look our Floral Silk Scarf will serve you well.
Versatile greens are the perfect shade for this season, whether it is in our Chiffon Silk Scarf for a light, easy look or in our luxurious Wool and Silk Blend Scarf, with hand blocked stripes in a contemporary print, for a more substantial layer.
Wear our Silk Floral Scarf in The Nantucket style for a refined but casual look. For a more structured look tie our beautifully detailed Silk Trellis Design Scarf in The Montmartre. Both styles will keep you looking fabulous when you are out and about.

3 Different Ways to Tie a Scarf
We have been searching for the best looks to keep you in style and found some great ways to tie scarves, so we thought we shouldn’t keep all this great style advice to ourselves as it wouldn’t be fair!
The Dorchester
Step one: “Fold the scarf in half to create a loop on one end of the scarf. Drape the scarf over the neck, pulling the loop to one side and allowing the ends to lie on the opposite side of the chest.”
Step two: “Pull the ends through the loop. Tighten the loop and adjust to the side of the chest.”
Tip: “This simple, classic knot works with most oblong scarves and can be worn in a variety of ways, depending on the material.  As styled above, the Dorchester is ideal for autumn, tucked under a rain jacket or light peacoat.”
The Nantucket
Step one: “Begin with the triangle fold. Drape the scarf around the neck, allowing both ends to hang evenly in front of the chest.”
Step two: “Cross the ends of the scarf at the base of the neck and pull in the opposite direction.”
Step three: “Knot the ends of the scarf together to secure at the base.”
Tip: “The Nantucket can be styled using a light silk or chiffon scarf for the summer months, ideally complementing a V-neck blouse or T-short. When the weather requires a light jacket, use a thicker scarf underneath for a bit of additional warmth and a tiny peek of color and pattern.”
The Bias Fold
Step one: “Take the opposite corners of the scarf and fold inward toward the center of the scarf.”
Step two: “Continue folding–in the opposite sides in thirds.”
Step three: “Finish folding when the scarf is a two-inch band. Flip the scarf so that the folds are hidden.”
The Montmartre
Step one: “Use the bias fold to begin. Position the scarf in the centre of your neck and wrap the ends around, crossing them behind your neck and pulling forward.”
Step two: Bring the ends together in the front, crossing them at the base of the neck.
Step three: “Tie one knot in the center of the scarf, pulling the ends in opposite directions.”
Step four: Double-knot the scarf and let the ends hang loosely. Twist the knot to one side of your neck so that it rests slightly off-center.
Tip: “This classic style pays homage to iconic Parisian chic. Worn in the spring, summer and early autumn, the Montmartre looks best with bateau tops and blouses.”
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*all quotes are from this fabulous book on scarves, which we thoroughly recommend:
How to Tie a Scarf – 33 Styles. Potter Style, Random House. 2013. Print.