“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance." Coco Chanel

Scarves are a simple yet elegant way to smarten an outfit and add new life to your wardrobe repertoire. In this guide, we fill you in on our latest range of scarves and provide you with some great inspiration on how to wear them.
Annika scarves
Buying a new scarf is great for sprucing up your wardrobe, as it adds embellishment and detail. The grey Floral Silk Scarf, tied in a simple double-knot, dresses up a plain blouse and lets the beautiful print on the scarf do the work. Add sophistication to this Pima Scoopneck Top with the blue Silk Neckerchief or for quick panache simply loop the Italian Jacquard Scarf around your neck over jersey separates.
Julie scarves
Using the red Italian Silk Scarf to add interest to a plain outfit is a brilliant way to bring new life to your wardrobe and highlights the striking print. Simply draped over your neck, the taupe Italian Satin Scarf is very flattering, as it elongates the body creating a slimming effect. Finally, a very practical way to keep your scarf to hand is to tie it to your bag, which means you will have quick access to your beautiful scarf in case of draughts and it makes your handbag look very chic.

Three Different Ways to Tie a Scarf

The Modified Ascot Neck Wrap:
This style works especially well when filling a bare neckline, such as open-collar blouses and is a brilliant way to add interest to a plain blouse.
Red scarf p1
Step one: Fold the scarf in half to form a triangle.
Step two: Position the scarf in front of the neck. Pull both ends behind you and cross behind the neck.
Red scarf p2
Step three: Bringing the ends to the front, allow to drape over the shoulders.
Step four: Tie a double knot.
Step five: Arrange scarf as desired.
Infinity Knot:
We really like the idea of creating a snood using our favourite scarves, rather than committing to a woolly, wintry purpose-made snood. Using a rectangular scarf follow the steps below:
Green scarf p1
Step one: Fold the scarf in half.
Step two: Tie a loose double knot at both loose ends of the scarf to join them together (as shown in fig.2&3).
Green scarf p2
Step four: Drape the scarf over the neck, with the knotted ends at the back.
Step five: Twist the scarf to form another loop and bring over the head.
Step six: Arrange scarf as desired.
Our take on the French Twist:
This is a slightly simpler version of the Montmartre or the French Twist shown in our last guide. It offers a quick, easy way to add sophistication to your outfit.
To begin fold your neckerchief using the Bias Fold (as shown below).
Silver scarf p1
Step one: Take the opposite corners of the scarf and fold inward toward the centre of the scarf.
Step two: Continue folding in the opposite sides in thirds.
Step three: Finish folding when the scarf is a two-inch band. Flip the scarf so that the folds are     hidden.
Silver scarf p2
Step four: Position the scarf so that the closed side of the scarf is facing upwards and is centred on the back of the neck.
Step five: Tie a knot at the base of the neck.
Step six: Finish with a second knot to secure and arrange the knot to one side.
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