With the end of the harvest season upon us  and the weather changing, I think we can all agree that the season is moving on. The winter months bring us chilly nights and wet weather but they also bring us pickles, preserves hot soups and all of those other winter comforts.
Just last week one of our buyers Michelle took her family to the ‘Cotswold Pickle off’ located just on the outskirts of Cirencester.
All the children joined in and entered in cookies, cakes and also Vegetable people.
There were sixty entries into the pickle off and each entry was made anonymously.
The prize for the best pickles in the adult division. Tracklements is a local producer of condiments and pickles. The winner of the Pickle of was in fact Michelle's husband who had made a delicious spiced pear pickle.
At the end of the evening all the families sat around a fire and enjoyed the homemade pickles with cheese, crackers and fresh baked bread.
I would just like to say a massive Thank you to Mike Ford for providing us with all these fantastic images of the 'Cotswold Pickle Off'
Got any pickle recipes you would like to share? Send us an email or comment on this post and we will try them out!
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Kindest Regards
Alexandra Clements