The consideration when designing our smart overshirt and skirt was to create a slimming effect. These two pieces work beautifully together as the lines from the panels and pin tucks from the shirt draw the eye down the body rather than across at your widest points.

The more vertical seams your outfit has, the slimmer you look, giving the impression of shedding several of those unwanted pounds! When the rib and seam lines are close together this gives a slimming effect, while wider set panels can actually will make you look to watch here! (Jackson, 1983)

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The following are a few more pieces that will work with the same effect as the over shirt and skirt.

Our soft pin-tuck chiffon blouse is a perfect accompaniment for your spring wardrobe, with its light and floaty nature it makes the perfect layer for the warmer months to come. The vertical pintucks draw your eye down the body.

Although not entirely panelled or ribbed, the ribbed trim down the front trim of this cardigan will elongate the body and follows the same rule of the more vertical seams and ribs you have the greater the slimming effect you will achieve.

Want that slimming effect combined with a comfortable and warm look? Our cotton blend knitted top features ribbing that funnels in around the waist giving a slimming effect just where most women need it! Also available in natural.

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