We are travelling to Bath today to listen to a talk all about a fantastic book called ‘Style Forever’. If you haven’t heard of it, or just haven’t read it yet I really do recommend it. Filled with great tips on styling, fashion and make-up this book is aimed at the more mature woman. Finally, a piece of reading material all about style and clothes that isn’t aimed at the 30-somethings.

Alyson Walsh, the woman who wrote this book, is participating in part of Bath’s Fashion week to highlight this publication and hopefully answer some questions that her readers may have, plus there are scones and tea so who could say no! Alyson Walsh is a well established fashion journalist who has been working within the writing and fashion world for quite some time. To finish her book she worked alongside Leo Greenfield a fashion illustrator who likes to sketch real people from memory.

Take a look at Alyson's blog it’s a fabulous read http://thatsnotmyage.blogspot.co.uk/

See some of Leo’s fantastic drawings by following this link http://www.leogreenfield.com/