This delightful collection of jersey wear and accessories is perfect for the new season. In harmonious colours that highlight and complement each other, these pieces are suitable for any occasion.

A Brief History of Jersey
Produced in jersey fabric, which was originally made on the island of Jersey (an important manufacturer of woollen products in medieval times), it is a knitted fabric, initially made using wool but has since incorporated more modern fibres whose properties include:  flexibility, warmth and easy fit. However, it was considered an inferior fabric until 1916, when Chanel popularised it in her new collection that promoted looser, unrestricted post-war silhouettes. Jersey quickly became the fabric of choice that could easily be transformed into sportswear, which was increasingly in demand due to the new found freedom of the post-industrial generation.

Natural Jersey Cardigan
The open style of this garment promotes freedom of movement and allows one to keep cool in summer, whilst providing cover for your arms. Its striking pattern in muted pinks is a great look for the current season and allows one to match it with darker, harmonious colours later in the year. It is a versatile piece that will serve you well whatever the temperature.

Natural Jersey Skirt
This beautiful skirt has a lovely drape that is very flattering with its feathery-like print. The dappled, soft colours can be matched with various tops and blouses making it a super skirt to take on weekend trips.

Rose Pima Crew Top
One of our most popular styles, updated in a new shade of rose, this top complements the colours in the skirt and cardigan. Its versatile shade and breathable fabric make it the ideal top to mix and match with different outfits.

Pink Long Venetian Glass Bead Necklace
The translucent pinks, silvers and pearls of the Venetian glass bring out the colours in the outfit and complete the statement look.

Rose Italian Mélange Woven Wrap
In a complementary shade of rose, this delicate wrap with lattice border is an ideal accessory for cooler evenings or to provide cover for hot, sunny days.