Our beautiful Christmas Collection features a wide variety of patterns that depict the changing prints through history. We've selected four pieces that we think portray the relationship between art and clothing:

Bring out the artist in you with this lively abstract confetti Print Blouse, made in a wonderfully soft viscose crêpe. Inspired by the Abstract Art movement, which grew gradually from the 19th century but gained real prominence in the post-war years, where a removal from reality was preferred, encouraging artists to move away from the rigid definition of previous movements and move towards experimentation and increased freedom.

Strike a pose in this Kimono Overshirt, featuring a dramatic poppy print on a satin-backed crêpe. Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese woodblock prints, this easy layering piece drapes beautifully. In the mid 19th century Japan opened its doors to foreigners after many centuries of isolation and as a result Japanese culture became immensely popular in Europe, providing inspiration for European artists.

Celebrate Autumn's changing colours with this stunning Round Neck Blouse in an Italian heritage floral print. Inspired by Florentine Renaissance paintings, this print reflects the rise in popularity of portraying flora in Renaissance art. Prior to the 15th century, art primarily depicted biblical scenes, which prompted a movement to establish more realistic depiction of the natural world. Flora not only added detail but they were imbued with symbolic meaning.

Tradition is re-imagined in timeless quality and modern elegance. This unique Tapestry Jacket is a versatile and smart finishing piece. Tapestries were a symbol of medieval wealth, the larger and heavier the tapestry the better. From the Old French tapisserie meaning 'to cover with heavy fabric'. Providing protection from draughts and a form of decoration, tapestries found a revival in the 19th century when William Morris created his beautiful designs.
Which pattern do you prefer? Is there period in history that influenced your favourite pattern? If so we'd love to hear from you! Let us know by leaving a comment using the box below.
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