We hope you have enjoyed our Artisan articles so far. Here is our forth piece which is about our partnership with Christys’ Hats.

Christys’ & Co has been manufacturing fine hats in England since 1773, a proud continuous history that has spanned eight generations of the Christys family and nine reigns of British royals, starting with King George III.

 All of the machinery that Christys’ use in their Oxfordshire factory dates from eras when the Hat was the intrinsic part of every person’s attire.

Standing the test of time, each of Christys’ handmade hats goes through a journey of 45 operations involving more than 140 separate processes. The skills of Christys’ hat makers have developed over many years, with craftspeople specialising in one specific operation in order to create a perfect result.

Within our new Autumn collection we currently have two different styles of Christys hats. The first style EX942, is within our classic collection, it is made with a fine fur felt and is available in two colours wine and olive. It has a ribbon band and feather trim on the satin lined crown and a firm ribbon stitched edge on the brim. The second style is LA954, in our luxury collection. With a satin lining, the soft uncut felt crown has a neat woven hat band and a firm stitched edge on the brim, this style is available in charcoal.