Beckford Silk
In the first of our new series of Exclusive Artisan Partnerships, highlighting the unique relationships Cotswold Collections have with a handpicked selection of manufacturers, we feature the traditional silk craftmanship at Beckford Silk in Gloucestershire.
A short distance from Cotswold Collections HQ in a small Cotswold village, tucked away from the main road and in a beautiful purpose built showroom come factory, you will find Beckford Silk. The magnificent building houses a family owned and run artisan business, brimming with passion and enthusiasm for all things silk!
Beckford Silk’s love of fabric, colour and texture is obvious from a visit where you are immediately greeted by the in-store shop full of colourful scarves, ties, blouses and accessories. It is clear that two generations of the Gardner family have invested a great deal in protecting and innovating silk manufacturing in Britain.
Expert silk printing and silk dying are what Beckford Silk is traditionally known for but they also specialise in discharge, pigment, devoré and sculpted velvet printing. Here at Cotswold Collections our scarves are made using many of the techniques developed at Beckford Silk and passed down from father to son and daughter, by the founder James Gardner. A number of scarves in our exclusive seasonal ranges are made in partnership with Beckford Silk, using unique hand drawn designs and traditional printing methods.
Each design and final piece is created and finished in Gloucestershire, with the original screen and new digital printers all housed on site. The exterior of the dying room where decades old dye recipes are closely guarded, hides an ancient finishing machine, which it is believed dates back to the early 1900’s and is still in use today to straighten and finish every scarf produced. A small army of local women then individually hand roll each scarf ready to be boxed and packaged for Cotswold Collections and a host of prestigious heritage clients including The Victoria & Albert Museum, Westminster Abbey and even the House of Commons!
We are proud of our unique relationship with a local artisan business, especially one which has protected traditional methods whilst embracing contemporary innovation and style.
Watch this video to see how each of our Cotswold Collections scarves are hand rolled:

If you would like to treat yourself and experience handmade British quality, shop now for our current season scarf made by Beckford Silk.