In our third blog post about our Artisan Partnerships, we look at our favourite jewellery designer Sam Ubhi. Sam Ubhi has been working alongside our in house accessories buyer for the past 7 years to bring us unique and exclusive pieces for our collections.

Sam Ubhi Jewellery began over 20 years ago. The company maintains an eco friendly ethos which has be upheld since the outset. All of the jewellery is handmade in London using the most eco friendly materials possible. The brand has always been fashion forward, pushing boundaries and leading the way for trends.

With her award-winning brand, Sam is famous for creating unique and eye-catching accessories that have elevated her jewellery to modern art status. Her ability to mix diversely, sourced materials to such a spectacular effect, results in her designs being adored worldwide. Throw in a love of vintage pieces, tribal decoration and eco-friendly fair trade materials, and combine them with her modern and individual twists and her passion will shine through every one of her designs.

 Sam Ubhi was born in Kenya and raised in London, she graduated in Constructive Textiles from Middlesex University and successfully exhibited her work in galleries throughout London and New York before a chance encounter with the Accessories Buyer at Barneys resulting in her first jewellery commission.

We currently have four exclusive Sam Ubhi Pieces within our collection. The first is an elegant silver-plated Shell Necklace, which measures 32’’ and has a clasp fastening. A gorgeous three-strand pearl and gold Leaf Necklace necklace made of brass and cultured pearls, the longest of the three strands is 28’’ this necklace also has a clasp fastening. Our third piece is a beautiful silver plated Starfish Necklace measuring 32’’ with a clasp fastening. Our fourth and final Sam Ubhi piece, we currently have, is a stylish 3 pieces Brass Bangle . One of the bangles has a mother of pearl charm shaped as a tusk, another has a gold vermil pewter starfish and the last has a black cultured pearl.

We hope that you will enjoy wearing these unique and individual pieces.