“The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart and hopefully someone else’s.”
Elizabeth Taylor

We’re excited to introduce a new fragrance for our well-being collection this season! You can now treat yourself or a loved one to our beautiful range of Lavender and Geranium products including body lotion, room spray, hand cream, soap and body wash.

Our Knitwear and Accessories Buyer Michelle said “I wanted to introduce a new fragrance to work alongside our Wildflower eau de toilette. Lavender fields mixed with heady Geranium is a wonderful combination of scents, and smells can evoke lovely memories while stimulating the senses. The fragrance also promotes relaxation and harmony which is something we should all have more of in our lives”.
These products have been created in partnership with Beefayre, an English run family business passionate about bee conservation. These luxurious and pampering products have been sustainably sourced in the UK using premium quality essential oils.

We spoke with the founder of Beefayre, Sharon, to understand more about her wonderful company, their delightful products and history:

Sharon has always had a passion for British wildlife and conservation, having been an illustrator of wildlife for many years. The idea for Beefayre came to her, not in the UK, but while she was travelling to the foothills of Transylvania in Romania, in 2010. Sharon was there researching an MA in contemporary fine art and on meeting beekeepers and studying their ancient tradition of beekeeping, she discovered a wonderful, pristine environment, free from pesticides and intensive farming practices. She said it was like travelling back in time.

The valleys and mountainsides were clothed in wildflowers supporting thriving colonies of healthy honeybees who were producing the purest honey, pollen and propolis.  Upon returning to England, Sharon began reading about the plight of our honeybees as they’re suffering from pesticide poisoning and the disappearance of wildflowers from the countryside. This inspired Sharon to create Beefayre, a company inspired by nature and set-up to highlight the modern struggle of the honeybee and help save them! Having had many years’ experience in the gift trade, it was a natural way to marry Sharon’s passion for bees and her commercial expertise.

Our packaging, which has been created in partnership with Beefayre, while being beautiful, aims to educate people with the ethos behind the brand including their donations of 3% of the profits going to Bee conservation. While the glass bottles are made from recycled glass and can be recycled again once you’ve enjoyed the product!

All of the products are made in the UK using natural, sustainably sourced ingredients, while also being vegan (no animal fats used) and do not contain petroleum ingredients, parabens or sulphates, artificial colouring or foaming agents.
We’re starting to hear and learn more about the trouble our wildlife is facing due to human impact. Here at Cotswold Collections we’ve been taking steps to reduce our environmental effect, read more here >>
Beefayre mirror our ethically sourced premium quality values and they create products that are low impact on our environment while also educating people about the steps they can take to support biodiversity.
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