As the winter months draw closer, we asked around the office for top tips on making the most of your storage space.

When you reach the point that opening your wardrobe feels like the contents explode over the entire room as it's so crammed with clothes and accessories, it's time to organise your wardrobe!
Make piles of clothes - one for garments to keep, one for garments that require mending (make sure to prioritise this, otherwise they will sit in your wardrobe unworn for another year!), one to donate to charity and one to recycle. A good tip is to donate anything you haven't worn in the last two years (except occasionwear, of course), which can free up a lot of valuable space.
Tidying away your summer clothes makes more room for your current wardrobe. If you own a holiday home, keeping summer items there means more room at home and less to pack when you go on holiday. Putting shoes in a hanging storage shelf unit (pictured above), saves lots of space and makes it easier to see what you have. Vacuum packing your summer clothes is a great idea, as they are protected from moths and also take up very little space.
Remember those small packets of silica gel you get in shoe boxes that instantly go in the bin? You should start keeping them as they are perfect for placing in drawers or storage containers to absorb moisture and keep your clothes fresh. Storing your knitwear in breathable zip closure bags ensures protection from moths.
Invest in a clothes shaver, which de-pills jumpers, removing the unsightly bobbles. Cedar wood repels moths so it's worth buying small cedar blocks, which can be placed in drawers and special hangers, which are great for your wardrobe.

Finally, lavender drawer liners will keep your chest of drawers and wardrobe beautifully scented and fresh. Our liners are scented with lavender grown in the stunning Cotswold hills at a family-run farm. Take a look here >
Do you have any tips for organising your wardrobe? Share them with us by leaving a comment using the box below!
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