Start the new year as you mean to go on - looking stylish and filled with confidence! We all regret helping ourselves to that extra serving of Christmas pudding or overindulging in cheese and biscuits but no matter how our shape changes over this time of year, you can still look your best by knowing which clothes to wear that will flatter your figure. No two people are the same and to help, we've created some profiles for different body shapes (you may even find that you fall into more than one type). This guide aims to help you look your best in the new year.

An Apple is characterised by a large bust, full middle and shapely legs. If you fit these criteria, then you should opt for detailing above the bust and below the hipline, clothing that features straight lines and avoid details and texture around your bust or middle. You should also avoid short coats and jackets that finish at your widest point. Empire line tops and dresses are incredibly flattering for this shape, as are V-neck tops as they create the illusion of a longer body.
This scarf creates a visual distraction, as it draws the eye up away from your middle. The microfibre coat also makes a good layer to lengthen the body and creates space. The print on this gorgeously soft jersey fabric draws the eye away from your waist in combination with the longline cardigan, which also lengthens your body with vertical pointelle detailing.

A Column's waist, hip and shoulder measurements are roughly the same and has a small bust. If this is you, then you want to create as much interest and detail in your ensemble to create the illusion of curves. Choose high necklines and colourful bottoms. Avoid figure-hugging garments, square necklines and straight lines in clothes.
These body-shaping jackets break up your figure so that your eye is not focussed on length and instead sees curves. The smart cord jacket is tailored to nip in slightly at the waist, whilst the luxurious mock suede jacket is an easy to wear later that adds instant chic.

A Pear is characterised by large hips and thighs, a defined waist and a small bust. If you fit this type, then you should choose plain bottoms (either skirts or trousers) and lively tops. Layering on your top half creates interest and draws attention away from your curvier bottom half. Highlight your waist with tailored garments & belts, as well as accentuating your shoulders with jackets and tops that feature lapels and collars. You should avoid dropped waistlines, patterns on your hipline and cropped trousers.
Both these outfits keep the bottom half plain but use clever layering and print on the top half to even out the silhouette. Choose supersoft lambswool and an embroidered blouse or a comfortable fleece gilet paired with cord trousers.

If you are an Inverted Triangle, then you will have wider shoulders than hips, flat hips and bottom and little waist definition. Keep your top half simple, with plain tops and add lots of detail to your lower half. Full skirts, wide leg trousers and bright colours or patterns on your bottom half are great for evening-out your figure. You should avoid shoulder pads (you don't need them), tapered skirts and bold prints on your top half.
This checked bias skirt and tuck front blouse draws the eye towards the centre of the body and down, away from your shoulders. If you prefer a plainer look, opt for a scarf draped loosely over your body as it creates body lengthening lines.

If you have a full bust, large hips and a small waist then celebrate for you have the most coveted of all body shapes: the Hourglass! Styles that suit you will emphasise your curves. Opt for V-necks and avoid high-necked tops, straight shapes, boxy jackets and garments with detailing around bust and hips as this will add unnecessary volume.
Work with your curves not against them with these simple but flattering ensembles. Opt for the merino rollneck and dogtooth skirt or the jersey dress.

Whatever your shape, this outfit-elevating jacket is designed to flatter and wow. Made from a beautiful tweed woven in the Scottish Borders by Lochcarron of Scotland, this luxurious jacket features a full lining, neat patch pockets and a bold colour for spring: a luxurious hero piece.
Dress for your shape with confidence, knowing that all of our clothes are expertly designed with you in mind. Made using natural fibres which hold their shape well and are more forgiving than their synthetic counterparts and in premium quality fabrics, our garments are guaranteed to give you a confidence boost for months ahead.
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