Jerseywear outfit
Featuring a striking mosaic effect jacquard, this jersey outfit is a stylish option for all activities, from walking the dog to going to the gym (or, like us, lounging on the sofa). The jacket has useful zip pockets for storing your phone and keys securely, as well as a zip front, for ease of wear. It also features body shaping for a flattering silhouette. The trousers have an elasticated waist for optimum comfort and smart pintuck creases running down the front, creating an outfit that is both sophisticated and practical. You won't want to keep this ensemble just for the house!
Here are some fun and easy ways you can keep fit, whilst showing off your new outfit:
Walking: proven to help prevent dementia, lower your risk of diseases and improve muscle tone and fitness levels. Why not make the most of the summer weather and go outdoors?
Pilates: Increases flexibility, circulation and balance. A great all-rounder!
Aerobics: Great fun to do and really motivational as you workout with others. For less strain on your joints, try water aerobics.
Martial arts: Good for muscle toning, better flexibility and co-ordination. Don't think Karate, think Tai Chi - a low-intensity Chinese martial art that is shown to help prevent falls.
Yoga: A holistic workout that benefits both your body and mind.
Weights and toning classes: These help lower the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis, whilst building strength and stamina.
Swimming: This is a wonderful exercise as it works lots of different muscle groups and you can go at your own pace. With this warm weather, why not swim at your local lido?
Bowls: Sociable and easy to learn, this sport is definitely one to take up now.
Dancing: We can't think of a more enjoyable way to keep fit than by dancing along to your favourite songs! If you happen to live near Cheltenham, the Everyman Theatre runs the Goldenstep Class, a gentle movement class, inspired the golden age of Hollywood musicals for over 60s. Click here to find out more >
Click here for a list of exercise classes near you >
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