This rich and floral sensual blend has ancient overtones of love, perfection and immortality.
Rose is considered to be ‘the queen of essential oils’ due to the fact that it takes about thirty roses to make one drop. The rose symbolises passion, romance and divine love, and is said to open the heart. Rose essence is very well known for its use in skincare as it nurtures dry and sensitive skin. The aroma is powerful and sensual and helps enliven the body and mind.
Our geranium oil, sourced from Morocco, also has a strong floral aroma but with a hint of mint and slight undertone of apple. The fresh essential oil is one of the most popular aromatherapy as it helps relieve stress and balance the mind and emotions. Also knows for its healing properties geranium oil is excellent for the skin, helping to fade scars, treat imperfections and assist with skin conditions.
This soothing and comforting blend is balancing on every level; perfect for promoting deep relaxation and restful sleep.
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