For over 180 years Abraham Moon & Sons have been producing the finest quality woollen cloth at their mill in Yorkshire, making them one of the country's leading manufacturers of woollen and worsted cloth. Their exceptional quality is why we have been working with them for decades as have many leading fashion houses and furnishing companies.

Their gorgeous pure wool cloth graces the front cover of our winter catalogue in the shape of the dogtooth check jacket. The rich plum hues are complemented with a subtle teal and sienna on a cream backgound, which has been designed by our woven buyer in collaboration with Moon.

Moon was established in 1837, the same year that Queen Victoria ascended the throne. It is a family-run business and one of the last remaining vertical mills in the country, which means all production processes are done on site: from dyeing, blending, carding, spinning, weaving to the finishing processes.

Abraham Moon originally employed people who lived locally, who would take the cloth home and wash and dry it in the surrounding fields. As the mill developed, his workforce grew and soon all processes were done on site. The mill benefited (and still does) from an abundant source of water which is naturally soft, making it perfect for scouring (removing contaminants from the wool). The boreholes are 800 feet deep and ensure the purity of the water.
During the 1850s the Leeds railway was built and ran right behind the mill. This created a vast distribution network for Moon, who in the 1890s were recorded as exporting to places as far away as Japan.
Their mill is in Guiseley, near Leeds in Yorkshire and although the original mill burnt down in 1902, it and was swiftly re-built by Abraham's son, Isaac and has been in use ever since.

Our dogtooth jacket took inspiration from their traditional dogtooth tweed cloth (here tailored into a 1940s/50s jacket). The cloth was made from British wool, which was "coarser quality wool which makes it hard-wearing; it should not be regarded as inferior to fine wool, merely different and ideal for stylish outerwear." Moon's designers turn to archival patterns and designs for inspiration when designing new cloth as heritage is so key to Moon's enduring appeal.
In 1920 the Moon family sold their business to the Walsh family, who in their 4th generation, still run it today!

Moon combines tradition, heritage and experience with new technologies to produce the best fabrics, working with titans of the fashion world such as Ralph Lauren, Dolce and Gabanna, and iconic British brand Burberry to name a few and of course us!
Their fabrics even adorn the seating of The White House foyer, chosen by former U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle!
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One of Moon's highlights was a visit from HRH The Prince of Wales, who is the patron of the Campaign for Wool, which runs Wool Week and champions the use of wool.

The beautifully designed dogtooth check tweed cloth woven by Moon was tailored into a wonderful matching jacket and skirt by our London-based supplier to our buyers' original design specifications. The result is an exclusive suit that fits well, flatters and creates a look of timeless style.

The fully lined tailored jacket has gentle body shaping in the seams, a flattering collar and patch pockets.

The lined skirt has kick pleats from below the knee, a back vent, side back waistband elastication and a back zip.

The tweed for this gorgeous skirt reflects the warm shades of autumn leaves. This fully lined style has knife pleats sewn down to the hip, a side zip fastening and side back waistband elastication. It has exceptional movement and is a firm customer favourite.
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