Have you ever wondered how your clothes are made and where? Take a look at how our garments are made, from initial conception through to the finished product.

All of our products are designed by us in the Cotswolds. Our buyers are also designers, who work closely with clothing manufacturers and mills to ensure that the high-quality piece they envisioned turns into the final product you receive at home.
More than half of our collections are made in the UK, with cloth often sourced from heritage mills around Britain. Today we're focussing on one of our largest suppliers, who make all their products in London.

From the initial sketch created by our buyers, our garment technologist then works closely with the buyer to ensure the size measurements and technical specifications are perfect before the final design is passed onto our supplier, who makes the garment to the spec using the gorgeous fabric that has been chosen for the piece.

In this case, it's a lovely russet-coloured cord fabric that makes these beautiful trousers.

Our supplier makes a sample garment according to the specifications using the fabric and sends this to our buyers who try it on an in-house fit model to see whether it needs slight adjustments to shaping or styling.

Once approved, a pattern is created and the manufacturer starts to cut the fabric to shape.

The cut fabric is then placed into bundles of matching pieces, for example, all trouser leg components.

It is then sewn together to create the finished product, which is inspected closely for any faults.

The finished products are then steamed or ironed, packed and dispatched to our warehouse.

As the garments are being created by our London supplier, our art director sketches up the garment with accessories and other pieces to create a brief for the photo shoot team.

The garment (pictured is the chic unlined jacket) is then photographed, worn by one of our stunning models and printed in the catalogue or placed on our website, ready for you to order and wear.
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