Christmas Gift Ideas

This year at Cotswold Collections, we have carefully selected and chosen a truly unique collection of seasonal gift ideas. If you receive our catalogue then you will have noticed that we have inserted a gift book into the centre of it. If you are not signed up to our catalogue and would like to receive  one you can request it from our homepage. Alternatively you can ring our customer service line.  Our gorgeous collection of gifts include luxurious Well Being, stunning Italian handmade jewellery and warm winter accessories.  You are sure to find the perfect gift for friends, family or maybe even just a little treat for yourself. Shop our seasonal gifts online and click here.

Christmas Wrapping Ideas

I started these wrapping ideas with some gold gift wrap made with recycled materials bought from a local craft shop. I then gathered up lots of old lengths of ribbon a few beads and some dried out pinecones from the bottom of the Christmas box.

The main theme to this wrapping was traditional and rustic, so I tried to stick to softer gold tones, deep reds, tartan print and the brown from the dried out pinecones and cinnamon sticks.
When wrapping I find if you have lots of little bits in front of you, you can think of some really original ideas that will make your gifts truly unique and stand out from under the tree.

If your wrapping a difficult shaped item consider using a box to hold it in, you could even use an old shoe box and cover it in wrapping paper.
Add something a little more exciting to your ribbon by threading through beads; alternatively, you could use old buttons that match the colour scheme of your wrap.
Secure your pinecone with wrapping ribbon or a strong glue. You could also finish your gifts off with a sprig of Christmas tree or maybe mistletoe for a loved one.

I hope this week’s blog has inspired you to get your Christmas shopping started before the Christmas rush begins. If you have any topics or ideas you would like me to discuss on next week’s blog then please comment below.