With fashion trends always changing it can sometimes be tricky to know how to style them to our wonderfully unique shapes. To aid this troublesome process we have compiled a basic guideline of do’s and don’ts, as well as example outfits for each shape to ensure you can shop in confidence this summer and choose pieces that will accentuate your beautiful figure!
We have provided brief descriptions of each shape, but if you are unsure which category you’re best fitted to, then you can measure (in inches) your bust, waist and hips to find out!

An Inverted Triangle body shape is identified by having a smaller bottom half than your top.
✔ Keep your top half clean and uncluttered by keeping patterns and details to your bottom half. Straight clothing will be a natural extension of your body line and adding a belt will create the illusion of a waist.
Baggy or loose garments will hide your silhouette, so select pieces that are well cut to flatter your figure. Bardot and similar necklines will draw attention to your upper half, so it’s best to opt for more subtle cuts that will create more visual balance.

Our new-style, easy pull-on maxi skirt features a vibrant floral print and its long length will emphasise your natural body line. The matching top complements the skirt brilliantly, without drawing attention away from the skirts design.

Pear shapes tend to have a small upper half, with a defined waist but carry weight on the hips and thighs.
✔ Opt for fitted styles that accentuate your waist and try to balance your top half with your curves by layering, wearing patterns or adding chunky accessories. This will create visual interest and draw the eye upwards.
✘ Narrow tapered trousers will draw the eye downwards as will detailed and patterned skirts. Try to keep attention on the top half of your body to create visual balance.

Beautifully cut, our gorgeous printed sateen jacket will draw the eye upwards, especially if paired with the lovely Italian bead necklace. For an extra accentuation of a small pear waist, try tucking the pima scoop-neck top into the trousers!

Hourglass statures are similar to Pear Shape but with a fuller bust.
 If you’re an hourglass shape, you benefit from fewer styling rules due to your natural visual balance. Although, clothing that brings attention to your shoulder, neckline and waist will accentuate your curves.
 If you can, steer clear of styles, shapes or tailoring such as straight lines and boxy jackets that create volume as these will hide your lovely figure.

The soft tropical print shirt dress will suit an hourglass silhouette as the wonderfully lightweight fabric will drape over your curves while the optional belt will emphasise the waist. Pair with our delightful Italian straw hat for an effortless summer look.

Column figure is characterised by the top and bottom halves of the body being the same measurements with little waist definition.
✔ Use layering and high waists to shorten your upper half and highlight your hips and bottom with pockets or details. Pieces that have shape to them, like a knotted waist or feminine tailoring will create the illusion of curves!
Dropped waistlines, square necklines and bulky, heavy fabrics may be too boxy for your svelte figure so choose light pieces that you can layer to add shape as well as style!
It’s hard to layer in the summer as the weather is so warm; ease this by adding a light scarf around your shoulders for an elegant accessory and to create curves. The pockets on the cropped trousers will also draw the eye to your hips.

Apple shapes are usually defined by a rounded shoulder line, fullness around the tummy and shapely legs.
✔ Keep the clothing line straight to slightly fitted, but fabric soft so you avoid unnecessary bulk around the bosom, waist and tummy. Wearing details above the bust line and below the hips will also draw attention to these areas.
Try to avoid wearing belts, sleeves that finish next to the bust or any detail in your mid-drift as these will draw the eye to these areas effecting the desired visual balance.

Our stunning contemporary patterned paisley print dress is perfect for this shape as is offers gentle shaping that will effortlessly skim over the tummy. For extra style and warmth, try wrapping the ultra-soft Italian woven wrap around the outfit!

Dress for your shape with confidence, knowing that all of our clothes are expertly designed with you in mind. Made using natural fibres which hold their shape well and are more forgiving than their synthetic counterparts and in premium quality fabrics, our garments are guaranteed to give you a confidence boost for months ahead.

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