We haven’t got long now ’till Christmas and the whole office is starting to feel the Christmas spirit. So, to really get into the swing of things we decided to run our very own mince pie taste test choosing five of our favourite supermarkets (any excuse for a cake really).
So with the kettle on and pies at the ready we started to work our way through the five different brands.
For those of you wanting to know - the best mince pie belongs to Tesco, which is happy news for our wallets. The first runner up on taste was Marks & Spencer’s who, this year, made their finest mince pie on a comparable price with both Sainsbury’s and Tesco. Sainsbury’s and Aldi won on presentation and generally for a ‘good looking’ mince pie.
The only rules for us when picking from each of the supermarkets was that it had to be an own brand finest, pack of six mince pies.
Aldi -  £1.19
Heston at Waitrose - £3.50
Marks and Spencer’s - £2.50
Sainsbury’s - £2.50
Tesco - £2.50
All of the voting and opinions of these products are our own and no way endorsed by any of these supermarkets.

Kindest Regards

Alexandra Clements

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