To celebrate World Book day I have collated a list of our head office team’s favourite books.

The choices made are not endorsed by any publisher or company and are our own personal views and not a direct representation of the company itself.

Emily Dexter Design Technologist
Enduring Love By Ian McEwan
“I studied this at A Level and became fascinated in the depth and meaning that went into connecting the different characters”.
Michelle Nichols-Davis Head of Buying
The further tale of Peter Rabbit By Emma Thompson
“The further tale of Peter Rabbit” written by award winning actress Emma Thompson in a sympathetic style to Beatrix Potter. This new classic celebrates 110 years of Peter Rabbit  and is helping me re-discover the classic Beatrix Potter tales of my childhood with my 3 children hopefully encouraging them to keep these imaginative tales alive for the next generation".
Lucy Manktelow Jersey Buyer
The Snow Child By Eowyn Ivey
"Magical, a roller-coaster of a read but will make you smile at the same time and once you start reading it you just can’t put it down. This is the best book I have read in a long time!”.
Alexandra Clements Digital Marketing
Advanced Style By Ari Seth Cohen
“A book I discovered when researching for my dissertation. It proves that style and class stops at no age and that unique as well as personal  taste is just as stylish if not more so than what’s on the catwalks and in the stores”.
Ann Cole Marketing Manager
The Heaven Tree Trilogy By Edith Pargeter
"The story revolves around a trio of people bound together in ways they don't understand: a ruthless English lord, his enigmatic Italian mistress, and the talented stonemason who builds the lord's cathedral. This is a story of the Middle Ages in England and Wales, when great cathedrals were being built all over Europe. “This book is intense, deep, and enveloping- passionate, rich, and indescribably wonderful. Any lover of Tolkien, fan of historical fiction, or romantic should read it.”
We also recommend…
Style Forever By Alyson Walsh
Not out yet, but sure to be a good read. Written by Alyson Walsh and illustrated by Leo Greenfield this book is set to be a mixture of great tips and ideas and beautifully put together pages. Her blog ‘That's Not My Age’ is inspirational and is always worded so well, can’t wait to see inside this book which is being released late next week.
We would love to hear what your favourite book is so please let us know.
Happy Reading!