We’ve all heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’, but research shows that what you wear truly reflects your personality, thoughts and feelings! We tend to subconsciously associate colours with emotions and events as we grow up, which leads to a subliminal response whenever we see them.
For example, orange bears connotations of a new dawn and therefore is linked with energy and ambition. So, when we perceive the colour, we connect these observations. However, some colours actually instigate a biological response as well as an emotional one. Blue for instance causes the body to release calming chemicals that relieve stress and yellow induces a release of serotonin which is why it is associated with happiness and positivity.
Colour psychology is a hugely influential factor in human behaviour and is controlled by a variety of aspects including gender, age and culture. For example, pink is considered feminine while dark green is considered masculine. Brides wear white to their weddings in the west, while in China it is considered a colour of mourning.
As you age, your eyes begin to prefer colours on the shorter wavelength of the colour spectrum whereas children favour colours on the longer wavelength. Although blues, reds, greens and violets appeal to most age groups.
Embrace the symbolism of colour in our mood enhancing outfits:

Traditionally seen as feminine, but did you know before the 1920’s pink was considered a boy’s colour? Slightly lighter than red on the colour spectrum, pink is usually associated with love and romance and is said to have a calming effect similar to blue tones.
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A truly powerful colour, red simply attracts attention and is mostly associated with energy, passion, and action. It also enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate and raises blood pressure.
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The universally highest ranking favourite colour, blue aids in relaxation and inspires safety and serenity. Unlike red, it slows the pulse rate, reduces appetite, and is overall a calming colour.
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Depicting nature, green symbolises renewal and growth. It helps recharge the body and mind by resonating positive energy.
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Favoured by royalty in times gone by, purple still carries association of luxury and opulence. Similar to blue, its uplifting and can have a calming effect over the mind and nerves while also triggering creativity.
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Do you have a consistent wardrobe colour? Let us know in the comments…