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Buyers' Favourites

    Buyers' Favourites from our Summer Collection


    Summer provides the opportunity to wear more daring colours and prints, and to experiment more with your style but with so many beautiful pieces to choose from in our latest collection, we had a hard time deciding! We turned to our buyers for help and they revealed their favourite pieces from the summer collection.

    Sarah fave

    "This unlined blazer sees the stylish return of our best-selling Italian fabric. Finished with contrast stitching, this jacket is easy to care for and looks great with a plain t-shirt, making a really versatile layer for your travels."

    Michelle fave

    "This beautiful magnetic necklace is handmade for us in Norfolk, using semi-precious stones and beads to create an easily fastened piece. A firm favourite with our customers since the success of the magnetic necklace from our Christmas gift range, this necklace also has the additional properties of reducing the symptoms of inflammatory arthritis, rheumatism and migraine."

    Lucy fave

    “Our jersey is such an easy and comfortable fabric to wear as we select high-quality cotton for optimum softness and breathability. This beautiful jersey top is made from pure cotton and features a delicate floral design and also can be worn with the matching pull-on skirt.”

    Emily fave

    “Featuring a vibrant and striking mosaic print, this pull-on jersey skirt is perfect for the summer as you can mix and match it with existing pieces in your wardrobe, whilst adding a pop of colour to your ensemble. Its pull-on style and gentle flare at the hem make for a wonderfully flattering statement piece."

    Which is your favourite piece from our summer collection? Let us know by leaving a comment using the box below.

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    Buyers' Favourites from our Spring Collection & International Women's Day

    Our clothes are designed by women, for women. Read on to reveal the best pieces from the Spring Collection and the women who inspire us ahead of International Women's Day.


    With brighter days and warmer weather on the horizon, we asked our buyers which pieces really stood out for them from our Spring Collection to help us decide which fabulous pieces to invest in.

    Women Designers

    Before we reveal their favourites, we thought we should shine a little light on to all the hard work our brilliant team of buyers do before a garment reaches your wardrobe: they spend every waking minute (well almost) creating new styles and considering carefully the fit and shape of each garment, so that the end result is a piece that looks wonderful, is incredibly comfortable and flatters your figure. Led by our managing director Jane, our all-women buying team are focussed on developing the best product for you. Being women themselves, they understand we all like a little give in our waistbands, more room in our sleeves and tailoring that flatters and know that our figure changes over time.  If you should ever return a Cotswold garment (we can't imagine you would), they read every bit of feedback on the returns form to ensure they are taking all viewpoints, comments and suggestions into consideration. They then tweak and update style favourites using your feedback, resulting in a garment that is perfect in every way and will continue to become better and better over time, using your invaluable feedback on fit, style and colour.

    So here they are, the favourite pieces:

    Lucy fave

    "This pima cotton outfit is perfect for those spring days out and about visiting places and would be amazing for any early holidays you have planned. It is complemented with the woven bag and gorgeous Italian dark azure scarf."


    Sarah fave

    "This beautiful floral print blouse makes you want to smile! It is uplifting in colour and print, as well as being light and easy to wear."


    Michelle fave

    "The navy, coral and snowdrop contrasts of colour in this floral silk neckerchief are great and I particularly love the print, which I had a lot of fun designing with our new artisan supplier near Lake Como."


    Emily fave

    "This is a new style bed jacket and is in the perfect length to worn in bed without too much fuss of extra fabric around your legs and it is great to wear around the house as an extra layer as well."

    So there you have it, our buyers' favourites from our Spring Collection.

    To celebrate International Women's Day on the 8th March we wanted to share with you the women who inspire us...

    If you read last week's journal then you'll know that Pat Albeck (top left) holds a very special place in our heart, having designed exclusive prints for our collections. Her career spanning six decades has shaped the world of textile design and she is still designing! Her Majesty the Queen (top centre) is an icon of female empowerment, being Britain's longest reigning monarch as well as a style icon. Tao Porchon-Lynch (top right) is a 98 year-old yogi master and reminds us that staying active and doing something you enjoy are the key to wellness. Katharine Hamnett (middle left) designed statement T-shirts that politicised the fashion world and proved that clothes were more than just a commodity. Joanna Lumley (middle right) is obviously very stylish but she inspires us because she uses her position to help others, campaigning for many worthy causes and is an advocate of clothes recycling. Iris Apfel (bottom left) is a fabulous 98 year-old who gives talks on the importance of maintaining traditional fashion trades, such as weaving, to students and regularly donates her amazing collection of clothes to museums. Vivienne Westwood (bottom centre) is a hugely influential designer and businesswoman. Lucinda Chambers (bottom right) is Vogue's fashion director, who started out with Vogue in the 1970s writing petty cash receipts and has worked her way up to one of the most influential positions in the fashion industry.

    Now we've heard theirs, we'd love to hear yours: do you have a favourite piece that you're eyeing up in our latest collection or have you already made a new addition to your wardrobe? If so we'd be thrilled to hear from you. We'd also like to know which women inspire you! Please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

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    Buyers' Favourites from our Christmas Collection

    Buyers' Favourites Title

    With Christmas drawing ever closer, it is never too early to invest in your festive outfit! With so many wonderful pieces to choose from, we asked our buyers for their favourites to help us (and you) decide.


    Emily's favourites

    Emily, our jersey buyer, loves the Sequin Jersey Top as it adds a "little bit of sparkle for the festive period and features a new, flattering neck shape." In a beautiful shade of turquoise and tiny sequins, this easy to wear style is sure to be a firm favourite this season! She also thinks that the Devoré Jersey Top & Skirt is a "great Christmas outfit in a lovely festive colour, featuring a substantial weight fabric especially with the fully lined skirt." This outfit is already a best seller, which speaks for itself!
    Sarah's Favourites

    Sarah, our wovens buyer, recommends the Tweed Coat as it is "an all-round classic piece and perfect for every occasion." Featuring a herringbone pattern in the bouclé tweed fabric, this coat is very on-trend and should be part of anyone's seasonal wardrobe. She loves the Printed Dress as it is "so festive for the upcoming season and a great shape for all sizes." With its abstract print and unusual pleated panel, this statement dress is bound to be complimented!


    Michelle's Favourites

    Michelle, our knitwear and accessories buyer, really enjoyed developing the Beaded Cashmere-Blend Jumper with its hand-beaded crystal neck detail. She based it on vintage Art Deco jewellery and gave us a lovely insight into its creation: "With the lovely cut crystals in different sizes and shapes, I wanted to give the illusion of a necklace or collar at the neck, expertly hand-beaded and made in a luxurious merino wool and cashmere yarn, I really think this is a true investment piece to be cherished." She also recommends the Sheepskin Mittens as they are "a great addition to our collection. I have been asked several times by customers for mittens as they are so easy to get on and off on cold days. These are traditionally stitched with the lovely soft fleece lining to keep you snug and warm."

    So there you have it, our buyers' favourites from our Christmas Collection.

    Now we've heard theirs, we'd love to hear yours: do you have a favourite piece that you're eyeing up in our latest collection or have you already made a new addition to your wardrobe? If so we'd be thrilled to hear from you. Please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

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    Buyer's Favourites from our Winter Collection


    Now that the nights are drawing in and the temperature has lowered, our thoughts turn towards the upcoming season. With so many options to choose from in our Winter Collection, we asked our buyers for their favourite pieces as a little helping hand when deciding what to wear.

    Sarah's Favourites

    Sarah, our wovens buyer, thinks that the grey checked coat "is a lovely piece for all occasions and warm enough for the winter days to come." We couldn't agree more! In versatile shades and a lovely brushed fabric, this is sure to be a winter staple. She goes on to tell us about her other favourite pieces: "In such lovely warm autumnal shades, the longline checked jacket is made of British cloth and British made. An easy piece that looks great with the invert pleat skirt (as shown in the catalogue) but my favourite is to wear it with the Donegal trousers in russet. These three pieces will take you anywhere!" This trio mixes tradition with on-trend colours for exciting winter wardrobe choices.


    Michelle's Favourites

    Michelle, our knitwear and accessories buyer, says it all for us, starting with the heritage scarf: "This large scarf is a fantastic accessory to compliment many outfits. Woven in Scotland in a blend of lambswool and cashmere it makes a stunning statement as part of your wardrobe. Featuring the oversized Cabrach tartan, this lightweight scarf is excellent for wrapping up for practical or stylish reasons. A truly versatile item as it folds down for easy carrying when not in use, making a wonderful travel accessory.” Moving on to the rollneck, she thinks it is "a great purchase for your wardrobe, as it comes in a useful staple colour for the season plus they are made in easycare merino wool, so it is lovely and warm and so easy to care for too!" Finally, she loves the jacquard jumper: "Cashmere and lambswool are blended to give this jacquard jumper a lovely soft hand-feel with a touch of luxury. Designed to complement the co-ordinating jacquard skirt, picking up trailing jacquard of leaves and flora over the shoulders." What else is there to say about these fantastic winter warmers?


    Lucy's Favourites

    Lucy, our jersey buyer has chosen some beautiful pieces, starting with the jersey outfit: "This purple multi floral print will brighten up any dull winter's day. The skirt and top together makes a very elegant outfit but also looks great matched up with plain bottoms and tops." She thinks that the "Sparkling, stardust finish, mock-front cardigan is a perfect essential piece to have in your wardrobe for all those festive occasions you may attend over the winter months." We also love these lively pieces, guaranteed to make a splash at gatherings or simply inject a bit of interest to your existing outfit.


    Jane's Favourites

    Jane, our Managing Director, opts for simple sophistication: "Two of my favourite items from the winter collection are the checked jacket and matching skirt. Checks are on trend again this winter and this subtle, heritage check that we have tailored into a jacket and straight skirt is a gentle acknowledgement of this trend. It looks fabulous as a smart suit but it is also versatile, in that it works well separated, which gives a more relaxed look. These are great pieces to complement our charcoal trousers and heather cardigan." As if we needed more persuasion to buy this wonderful suit!

    So there you have it, our buyer's favourites from our Winter Collection.

    Now we've heard theirs, we'd love to hear yours: do you have a favourite piece that you're eyeing up in our latest collection or have you already succumbed to temptation and made a new addition to your wardrobe? If so we'd be thrilled to hear from you. Please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.


    Buyers' Favourites


    We are spoilt for choice this season with so many beautiful colours and textures in our range, so we thought we would turn to our buyers for their favourites from our autumn collection, to help us, and you, decide.


    Michelle's (Knitwear & Accessories Buyer) Favourites


    “Developed using Italian yarn and made in the UK, this Cable Knit Jumper has a lovely deep rib and a square neckline. It is knitted on a circular machine and has cashmere for an added hint of luxury. It can be machine washed on a cool cycle, which makes it an easy to care for garment.”

    “In a popular yarn, knitted into a different design, our Textured Cross Front Top is stylish and looks great with the paisley print skirt. It is in this season’s colour and can be washed on a wool cycle, which makes it very easy to care for. It has an elegant, vintage looking style.”


    “The Mookaite Jasper Necklace is a really interesting piece as it is reputed to have healing properties and promote positive thinking. The Mookaite jasper comes from Western Australia and was originally worn by Aboriginal women. It is made in an unusual style and is very special as each piece is individual.”

    “This beautiful Agate Bead Necklace is handmade in Norfolk and features silver-plated beads and an agate pendant with a bird and flower detail. It is also reputed to have healing properties, reducing the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.”

    Emily's (Garment Technologist and Jersey Buyer) Favourites


    “The Jersey Blazer is in a new style and I think looks fresh and complements the other pieces.”

    “The Printed Jersey Top and Skirt has a warm feeling texture so you can stay cosy as the evenings darken.”

    “The Mercerised Top is our luxurious feel jersey with a special finish to give it that sheen, which works perfectly with the other pieces on this page.”




    Sarah's (Wovens Buyer) Favourites


    “This Tweed Jacket and Skirt is British tailoring at its best. In an uplifting colour for the season and in an exquisite tweed, this suit is great for an occasion. It also looks good broken up with the navy or black trousers, or jeans to turn it into a more casual outfit. The beautiful skirt is in a flattering shape for all sizes.”


    “The Prince of Wales Jacket and Invert Pleat Skirt are unique pieces. They are made and woven in the U.K., in versatile colours that you can mix and match. The suit looks nice with a sweater under the jacket and blouse. They are easily broken up but can be worn nicely together for an occasion. It is an endless classic in a Prince of Wales check.”


    Jane's (Managing Director) Favourite: In a league of its own


    "My favourite piece from the autumn range is the Bouclé Coat."

    “It is made in a lovely textured, light but warm Italian bouclé that has been expertly tailored in London. I like its easy, relaxed fit and ‘throw-on’ appeal, with 1950’s inspired details such as the drop shoulder, generous sleeve, turn-back cuffs and round collar. It is in soft, almost spruce green, colours mixed with charcoal which makes it a versatile piece and a top layer for many pieces in my existing wardrobe. It will enhance greys, lift blacks and look great with navy.”


    So there it is, our buyers' favourite pieces from our Autumn Collection.

    We would love to find out your favourites. Let us know by leaving a comment below.


    We couldn’t resist slipping in some fashion facts:

    The blazer is so called because when worn by the Lady Margaret Boat Club of St John’s College, Cambridge, in 1825, it was bright red (a blaze of colour).

    The Prince of Wales check is actually a nickname. It is called the Glen Urquhart plaid, after the valley in Inverness-shire, however, it was popularised by Edward VIII when he was Prince of Wales, hence the name.

    Mookaite jasper comes from Mooka Creek in Western Australia, where ‘Mooka’ is Aboriginal for ‘running water’ and it is the only place in the world where Mookaite jasper is found.


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