Our clothes are designed by women, for women. Read on to reveal the best pieces from the Spring Collection and the women who inspire us ahead of International Women's Day.
With brighter days and warmer weather on the horizon, we asked our buyers which pieces really stood out for them from our Spring Collection to help us decide which fabulous pieces to invest in.
Women Designers
Before we reveal their favourites, we thought we should shine a little light on to all the hard work our brilliant team of buyers do before a garment reaches your wardrobe: they spend every waking minute (well almost) creating new styles and considering carefully the fit and shape of each garment, so that the end result is a piece that looks wonderful, is incredibly comfortable and flatters your figure. Led by our managing director Jane, our all-women buying team are focussed on developing the best product for you. Being women themselves, they understand we all like a little give in our waistbands, more room in our sleeves and tailoring that flatters and know that our figure changes over time.  If you should ever return a Cotswold garment (we can't imagine you would), they read every bit of feedback on the returns form to ensure they are taking all viewpoints, comments and suggestions into consideration. They then tweak and update style favourites using your feedback, resulting in a garment that is perfect in every way and will continue to become better and better over time, using your invaluable feedback on fit, style and colour.
So here they are, the favourite pieces:
Lucy fave
"This pima cotton outfit is perfect for those spring days out and about visiting places and would be amazing for any early holidays you have planned. It is complemented with the woven bag and gorgeous Italian dark azure scarf."
Sarah fave
"This beautiful floral print blouse makes you want to smile! It is uplifting in colour and print, as well as being light and easy to wear."
Michelle fave
"The navy, coral and snowdrop contrasts of colour in this floral silk neckerchief are great and I particularly love the print, which I had a lot of fun designing with our new artisan supplier near Lake Como."
Emily fave
"This is a new style bed jacket and is in the perfect length to worn in bed without too much fuss of extra fabric around your legs and it is great to wear around the house as an extra layer as well."
So there you have it, our buyers' favourites from our Spring Collection.
To celebrate International Women's Day on the 8th March we wanted to share with you the women who inspire us...
If you read last week's journal then you'll know that Pat Albeck (top left) holds a very special place in our heart, having designed exclusive prints for our collections. Her career spanning six decades has shaped the world of textile design and she is still designing! Her Majesty the Queen (top centre) is an icon of female empowerment, being Britain's longest reigning monarch as well as a style icon. Tao Porchon-Lynch (top right) is a 98 year-old yogi master and reminds us that staying active and doing something you enjoy are the key to wellness. Katharine Hamnett (middle left) designed statement T-shirts that politicised the fashion world and proved that clothes were more than just a commodity. Joanna Lumley (middle right) is obviously very stylish but she inspires us because she uses her position to help others, campaigning for many worthy causes and is an advocate of clothes recycling. Iris Apfel (bottom left) is a fabulous 98 year-old who gives talks on the importance of maintaining traditional fashion trades, such as weaving, to students and regularly donates her amazing collection of clothes to museums. Vivienne Westwood (bottom centre) is a hugely influential designer and businesswoman. Lucinda Chambers (bottom right) is Vogue's fashion director, who started out with Vogue in the 1970s writing petty cash receipts and has worked her way up to one of the most influential positions in the fashion industry.
Now we've heard theirs, we'd love to hear yours: do you have a favourite piece that you're eyeing up in our latest collection or have you already made a new addition to your wardrobe? If so we'd be thrilled to hear from you. We'd also like to know which women inspire you! Please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.
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