Step into each season embracing the art of British-made clothing. Each collection allows Cotswold Collections to provide our loyal customers with a handful of high-quality, unique clothing that has been crafted for us in various locations around Great Britain.


As we take steps towards more a sustainable future, having a selection of clothing made in Britain is crucial so our carbon emissions remain low and our quality remains high. As many of us recall, having our clothing crafted in the heart of Britain was extremely common and we would turn to our most trusted businesses in the UK to provide us with our seasonal wardrobes. As we turn to the modern day it is increasingly rare that you discover bespoke, quality clothing that is designed, and crafted within this small part of the world.

From the drawing board to the final product, we champion the ways in which traditional British techniques have stood the test of time; with skills and processes that are passed down from generations to continue the quality that is yet to be replicated. Working with manufactures in London, Leicestershire and even Scotland, these smaller businesses give Cotswold Collections the gift of exclusivity and longevity, so you’re investing in a piece that is truly built to last.

Christmas is always an inspiring time to delve a little further into British-made clothing as the themes of tradition are massively important to all around this specific time of year. Giving you the opportunity to treat yourself to a new wardrobe favourite or to fill your mind with the ways you can style yourself for your imminent plans, browse our collection of British clothing to enhance your looks this Christmas.


Heritage Checked Bias Skirt


A ladies heritage bias skirt that has been made in Great Britain


Featuring as one of our best sellers in a classic Christmas style, this ups the standard on what quality British clothing should define. Finely crafted in 100% wool tweed, our Heritage Checked Bias Skirt is designed to complement each figure through its flattering bias cut, creating more fluidity and movement that drapes perfectly on the body. Manufactured exclusively for Cotswold Collections in the heart of London, this echoes traditional and classic Britain throughout its style and creation.


Paisley Velour Dress


british-made clothing for Christmas parties. A paisley velour dress


Getting prepared for the festive parties? Step out in this classic paisley print that offers both flare and comfort in the style of a timeless British-made evening dress. Formed within Leicestershire, this stunning piece is designed with princess seam shaping, a V-neckline and three-quarter sleeves to elongate the body, giving you confidence for a range of festive events.

Similarly, held within our range of British made clothing, these fluid textured crepe separates, offer endless possibilities to style for each party, gathering and occasion.


velour crinkle british--made clothing


Warm This Winter

Mohair Scarf and Knitted Gloves




Woven gorgeously in Scotland, these cold weather essentials will inject British made quality and colour into your winter wardrobe. Style these for every stroll and come back to them year after year with their soft, durable quality, purposely created for a winter full of new outdoor memories.


Heritage Knitted Jumper




Featured within our iconic, special ‘Heritage Collection’, this jumper offers comfort, warmth and traditionality to your upcoming wardrobe. Perfect for both the winter days and the big day itself, this stunning piece was made in Scotland, using the best in long-established methods.


Tweed Panel Skirt



Nothing defines British-made clothing more than tweed… Taking on a new, on-trend style, our designers and manufacturing business in the heart of London have created the best in British styling with this elegant and sophisticated, Tweed Panel Skirt. Style this russet toned piece throughout the cooler seasons, to effortlessly complete a polished, refined look.


Making its way into our proud selection of British made items, we have a wide selection of gifts so you can tackle your Christmas shopping with ease. From well-being essentials to practical pieces, you have the option to source your presents from the UK this festive season.

Christmas gifts made in Britain




We truly hope you find inspiration throughout our Christmas 2023 collection and that Cotswold Collections can continue to provide classic, elegant women's clothing that lasts a lifetime.

Have you taken a glance at our Christmas 2023 collection yet? Let us know in the comments block below…  

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