Our shoot team travelled to a stunning location to photograph the summer collection. Take a look behind-the-scenes here...

Located on the arresting vista of the South African coast, our shoot team set to work capturing the collection at its best. The light and weather made this the ideal location to photograph summer clothes during the cold winter months.

Outfits are tweaked on set so that each item looks its best and special detailing on garments is clear in the photographs for the catalogue.

The team are constantly weather-watching to ensure they plan indoor and outdoor shoots where appropriate. On one of the first days, the team saw all types of weather and ended the day watching a huge storm roll off the ocean. Luckily, their planning and hard work paid off and they had the shots they needed before the weather turned.

One of the beautiful models stays cool inside, posing for the camera wearing the striking Italian silk geometric scarf, V-neck T-shirt and textured cropped trousers.

Wish you were here? Picture-perfect scenes created the ideal backdrop for our summer catalogue.

Let's take a moment to appreciate this handsome fellow! Did you notice him in our catalogue?

5 models, 8 suitcases of clothes, 8 cases of photographic and video equipment, several flights and many, many hours later the summer photo shoot was complete! One of the team even celebrated their birthday and the arrival of their second child during the shoot. What a memorable time!
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