We take you on a brief tour of our production process, with exclusive insights into how our skirts are transformed from yarn to the gorgeous pieces you see in our catalogue.
The Beginning:
After each skirt has been designed by our buyers, we then turn to the mill. Above are the 'recipes' for the dye. Each card contains the 'ingredients' for that particular colour. Once a colour is chosen, the yarn is then dyed in the large baths shown above.
Threading Up:
After they have been dyed they are put onto cones which are then threaded up, ready to go onto the loom.
Using a pattern (the white card with holes in, shown), the fabric is then woven on the loom, producing rolls of beautiful fabric.
To see the loom in action, click here >
Final Stages:
Once the fabric has been woven, it is cut to the correct length for each skirt. If it is to become a knife pleat skirt, it is placed in between two layers of cardboard (shown above) and baked in an oven to create the pleats. Once that is complete they are then sewn into the finished version.
Shop our beautiful range of skirts featured in this article:
Invert Pleat Skirt:
Made in Britian, this lovely design will fit well in your wardrobe (and out).
Checked Panel Skirt:
Another British made classic in a flattering length is vying for your attention.
Pleated Skirt:
The last British heritage piece in this article. In neutral tones and a dramatic cut, this skirt is the best of both worlds: understated and interesting.
Dogtooth Pleat Skirt:
The final piece of the puzzle. This lovely pleat skirt is great to wear now, with its shorter length.