So said Anna Harvey, deputy editor of Vogue and we agree! Our Managing Director, Jane, has some great advice on this subject: "When it is gloomy outside we naturally gravitate towards a darker palette, but my favourite thing about the spring season is adding vibrant accessories to make an outfit pop!" Integrating colourful accessories is a great way to liven your ensemble, especially if you are new to wearing bright colours. From colourful accessories to this rather vibrant knitwear two-piece, colour is for everyone, not just the brave!

A wonderful quote from model Maye Musk (mother to Elon Musk who founded Tesla), which encourages us to embrace our body. If you have great legs or arms, show them off! Work with what you have; ageing shouldn't mean hiding away. Wear that short-sleeved top that's hiding in your wardrobe and wait for the compliments to roll in.

Donna Karan's words of wisdom to inspire us all. You can apply this mantra to anything from styling your clothes to your outlook on life. If you look only at the positives you'll find you have much more time and energy to focus on what matters. Here's to a more positive and stylish future!

Stylist Brenda Kinsel advises that you should not "wait; don’t hesitate. Have fun with fashion now because you can!" Be bold, adventurous and overstated! Do this within your comfort zone, whether that's wearing a bright colour or adding an over-sized brooch to your jacket. Elegance never goes out of fashion.

Roberta Benteler, fashion entrepreneur and influencer, advocates the purchase of classics like a great coat and a cashmere jumper for timeless style. Investing in these staples creates a good-quality wardrobe to which you can add more ephemeral fashion pieces.

Brilliant advice from 60-something beauty mogul Linda Rodin. Focussing on the parts we dislike about ourselves detracts from all the positives and eventually, we have trained ourselves to see only the 'bad' part of ourselves. Break this cycle by focussing on your silhouette and smile and the fabulous clothes you can wear, as well as embracing your laughter lines; they are a sign of a life well led!

Lucinda Chambers, ex-Vogue fashion director, famously said that "Of all the women I know, the most stylish is in her eighties and other is in her sixties." Style is the result of years of experience and knowing what does and doesn't suit you, so relax and enjoy life as your stylish years are here!

Jaraé Holieway, model and stylist known for her bold, bright ensembles, attributes risk-taking in her fashion choices to helping her "become comfortable with being myself and being confident." Take a leaf from her book and try something new, whether that's colour or print, or maybe a new style. With free UK returns, it is easy to send it back if you decide it's really not for you but it may just be your new favourite. What are you waiting for? Shop our new arrivals here > 
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