About us

Since 1993

Inspired by the rolling hills and picturesque dwellings of the Cotswolds, we have been proudly designing our collections of unique, classic clothing for 30 years. We specialise in creating garments with supreme comfort and a flattering fit, which form considered outfits that stand on their own as well as seamlessly combining with your existing wardrobe; from versatile essentials to luxurious investment pieces.

Quality & Heritage

We work with heritage mills and small family-run businesses, where techniques are handed down through generations for exceptional craftsmanship and quality, we carefully source premium fabrics from around the world and manufacture more than half our garments in Britain. We have a close working relationship with all our suppliers, whom we regularly visit, which helps maintain a high level of quality in our garments. Every style is rigorously tested to ensure it meets our high standards before it is approved for production.

What our customers say