Stunning accessories include jewellery with crystal, glass and pearl beads, leather handbags, gloves and hats, also beautiful exclusive pure silk scarves.

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  • Italian bead necklace LS902 QUICK LOOK
  • Italian silk scarf LS900 QUICK LOOK
  • Leaf Print Jersey Scarf HD973 QUICK LOOK
  • Agate and hematite bead necklace HD926 QUICK LOOK
  • Lavender and Geranium room spray HD978 QUICK LOOK
  • Printed jersey scarf HD958 QUICK LOOK
  • Chambray hat HD925 QUICK LOOK
  • Italian clip earrings HD914 QUICK LOOK
  • Crepe de chine polka dot scarf HD910 QUICK LOOK
  • Italian satin print scarf HD908 QUICK LOOK
  • Agate and hematite bead watch HD922 QUICK LOOK
  • Italian narrow leather belt HD917 QUICK LOOK
45 Items Sort by: