Soft and luxurious knitwear in finest quality yarns of cashmere, lambswool, merino and cotton, in classic and contemporary cardigan, waistcoat and sweater styles.

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  • Textured Italian knit top GX105 QUICK LOOK
  • Cotton textured stripe top GX100 QUICK LOOK
  • Textured cotton knit top GX106 QUICK LOOK
  • Beaded combed cotton top GX104 QUICK LOOK
  • Italian knit jumper GX108 QUICK LOOK
  • Lace front cardigan LQ114 QUICK LOOK
  • Italian print top GU115 QUICK LOOK
  • Combed cotton V-neck GU109 QUICK LOOK
  • Cotton textured top GU102 QUICK LOOK
  • Cotton blend pointelle cardigan GU114 QUICK LOOK
  • Textured trim V-neck top GU108 QUICK LOOK
  • Classic lambswool cardigan GT122 QUICK LOOK
  • Combed cotton cardigan GT110 QUICK LOOK
  • Floral print top GT112 QUICK LOOK
  • Paisley print jumper GT108 QUICK LOOK
  • Textured V-neck jumper GT102 QUICK LOOK
22 Items Sort by: