Soft and luxurious knitwear in finest quality yarns of cashmere, lambswool, merino and cotton, in classic and contemporary cardigan, waistcoat and sweater styles.

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  • Cashmere blend jumper LK100 QUICK LOOK
  • Beaded cashmere-blend jumper GH110 QUICK LOOK
  • Italian knitted cape GH900 QUICK LOOK
  • Beaded jumper GF105 QUICK LOOK
  • Italian print and bead jumper LK104 QUICK LOOK
  • Beaded V-neck jumper GH111 QUICK LOOK
  • Italian beaded jumper GH116 QUICK LOOK
  • Paisley printed jumper GF104 QUICK LOOK
  • Textured cotton top GD103 QUICK LOOK
  • Textured Italian top GF102 QUICK LOOK
  • Smart cable cardigan GE121 QUICK LOOK
  • Italian knitted skirt GF231 QUICK LOOK
  • Textured knit top GE115 QUICK LOOK
  • Lambswool jumper GF119 QUICK LOOK
  • Smart milano jacket GE104 QUICK LOOK
  • Cashmere-blend textured jumper GF110 QUICK LOOK
38 Items Sort by:
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