Behind the Scenes - Summer 2019

Long before our art director, photographer and models arrive on shoot, our team in the office have already planned an outline for the photography of each piece in our new collection. An illustrated version of the catalogue is created ahead of our pre-shoot meetings, in which the garments are styled on one of our models and final suggestions are made before the team leave for the shoot. This version of the catalogue (also known as the ‘shoot bible’) is sent along with the garments and will be regularly referred to.

Although an outline of the pose is provided for the garments, a lot of work goes into recreating these in real life by everyone on shoot including the model, photographer and stylist.

There is a process behind deciding the perfect backdrops to each image including deciding what colours will accentuate and complement the clothing. The scenic settings in which the photos are taken are decided by our on-site team and sometimes can be swayed by the weather.

For the first time this year, some stunning pieces in the collection were photographed off-shore as our team took to the seas to capture some breath-taking images that wonderfully showcase the versatility of the pieces.

Take a look at the video below to see their day trip in action!

Our fantastic stylist works closely with the team achieving each of their looks and is always on hand to make adjustments during the shoot too.

They use equipment such as reflectors to control the lighting and ensure that the garments are photographed in the best light.

Our art director Jan then looks through each picture taken, making suggestions when needed to ensure the perfect image is taken of each piece! Read more about our lovely art director here >> 

Our team work tirelessly over the course of around two weeks to produce stunning images that will captivate our customers, but they have a little fun too! They enjoy healthy lunches and dinner together as a group, basking in their beautiful surroundings and on occasion, they are lucky to spot some local wildlife!

The Cotswold Collections philosophy of dedication and quality encapsulates all those involved in the journey of our collections. From designing the pieces, choosing premium fabrics and liaising with suppliers through to taking the photos, compiling the catalogue and sending them to our customers.

We hope the passion we share for each stage in the development is emanated in the love you feel for the items when they arrive and when you wear them!


Have we surprised you with what happens behind the scenes? Would you like to know more? Let us know in the comments….


  1. I wonder if going abroad to the sunny regions is for guaranteed light, or because its more fun for the team than locations here in the UK? Perhaps you shoot summer clothes in winter and winter in summer, making it even more important to find the right ambient light.
    Spring in the Cotswolds is glorious now, with rape seed reflecting its amazing cadmium yellow across the countryside. Cornwall is also good for clear light any time of the year especially by the sea.
    You create a few really cool clothes but on the whole your clothes are carefully lined, in acrylic to give them better shape, which adds warmth of course. I look for your styles in 100% cotton/linen if I am going abroad, or die of heat like last year! For UK this summer I have chosen one of your lovely crepe chiffon skirts and toning t-shirt.
    By Lindy van Welie - April 26, 2019
    1. Hi Lindy,
      Thank you for your comment. We do opt for locations abroad as the climate is a little more reliable than the unpredictable and stereotypical British weather. As we release seven collections a year we have short periods of time to complete our photo shoots and we have to ensure the weather is well behaved to not lose time. It's interesting that you've mentioned the gorgeous Cotswolds that we call home, as it is something we are currently exploring.
      We're so pleased to read that you've chosen the perfect outfit for warmer weather from our latest collection and hope for a warm summer like last year for you to enjoy!
      Best regards,
      The Cotswold Collections team.
      By Eve, Cotswold Collections - April 26, 2019

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