Stunning accessories include jewellery with crystal, glass and pearl beads, leather handbags, gloves and hats, also beautiful exclusive pure silk scarves.

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  • Wool print scarf LQ900 QUICK LOOK
  • Orange and Jasmine hand and body lotion GU975 QUICK LOOK
  • Organic Orange and Jasmine soap GU972 QUICK LOOK
  • Italian woven scarf GU924 QUICK LOOK
  • outfit GU976 QUICK LOOK
  • Orange and Jasmine body wash GU974 QUICK LOOK
  • Orange and Jasmine body butter GU971 QUICK LOOK
  • Italian woven bag GU920 QUICK LOOK
  • Chiffon scarf GU914 QUICK LOOK
  • Aventurine bead necklace GU909 QUICK LOOK
  • Contemporary Italian bead necklace GU904 QUICK LOOK
  • Venetian glass bead necklace GU918 QUICK LOOK
  • Chambray hat GU902 QUICK LOOK
  • Printed scarf GU915 QUICK LOOK
  • Aventurine bead watch GU910 QUICK LOOK
  • Italian bead clip earring GU907 QUICK LOOK
54 Items Sort by:
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